South Putnam Board considers youth football contract

Friday, April 12, 2019

The South Putnam Youth League will now amend a proposed contract with the school corporation regarding youth football programs and their use of the football field at South Putnam High School.

During its regular meeting Wednesday evening, the South Putnam School Board tabled a request by Youth League President Lee Cline and Treasurer Samantha Tincher to approve that contract, which stipulated a five-year commitment to allow the programs to use the field.

Board members as a whole expressed concern that specific language, as well as an incomplete plan for how parking at youth football events would be handled, did not make the contract comprehensive enough at this point in time.

Board member Wesley Hacker brought up that he was uncomfortable with the use of the word “control” in the contract regarding the field and parking in general, saying he was drawing on “past experience” when he said issues had come up.

“We want the commitment to use the football field to be understood between you guys and us, but you have to coordinate your schedules so that there aren’t conflicts.” Hacker also said the understanding needed to be provided in writing.

Athletic Director Tom Starnes, who was present at the meeting, also was concerned with damage to the cross country course should parking become an issue. However, he expressed that he was eager to discussing when the league could use the field and minimize congestion and grass being torn up.

Both Cline and Tincher said these changes and additions would be made, and the board recommended the revised contract be considered at next month’s regular meeting.

In another item on the agenda that invited some discussion, Newby asked Superintendent Bruce Bernhardt and the board to consider how to dispose of surplus equipment, such as chairs and desks, throughout the corporation. Bernhardt said there were indeed hundreds of items which are being held in storage and have been unused.

“I’m open to ideas on how we can get rid of them, whether it would be through selling or some other way,” Bernhardt said. He added this equipment could be donated through a company and be taken to impoverished communities overseas which could find a use for them.

Newby reiterated that the board needed to start on a plan on how to dispose of the equipment, whether it would be through donation, an auction or a dumpster, as soon as possible this month.

The board also approved the deadline for students outside the school corporation who wish to transfer to South Putnam for the 2019-20 school year to be on Sept. 13. Bernhardt said it is the same day the fall average daily membership (ADM) report is counted and sent to the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE).

Before the meeting was adjourned, Bernhardt also said there would be no school on Monday, as it was a snow make-up day that was not utilized. South Putnam students did not report to school yesterday, since it too was a snow day.

The board also recognized South Putnam’s Students of the Month. First-grader Aubrianne Hayman and fourth-grader Kipslynn Tincher represented Central and Fillmore Elementary respectively; sixth-grader Lane Price was recognized by South Putnam Middle School; and sophomore Chloe Custis was honored by South Putnam High School.

Board members also approved the following personnel report:

• Retirement: Cheryl Kaericher, MS/HS teacher (effective at the end of 2018-19 school year);

• New hire: Diana Meo, Fillmore Elementary special education preschool teacher (effective at the beginning of 2019-20 school year);

• Summer workers: Sandra Husk, bus cleaning/inspection preparation; David Husk, bus cleaning/inspection preparation; Nancy Knapp, bus cleaning/inspection preparation; Tanner Pistelli, part-time bus cleaning/inspection preparation; Remington Garl, part-time bus cleaning/inspection preparation; Terri Canfield, mowing; and Angela Garl, mowing.

The next regular meeting of the South Putnam School Board is scheduled for Wednesday, May 8 at 7 p.m. in the MS/HS Learning Center.

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