Egg Hunt Bike Winners

Monday, April 15, 2019
Grand prize winners of new bicycles during the annual Greencastle Park Department Easter Egg Hunt are (front, from left) 11-year-old Levi Smiley, son of Charles and Sandra Smiley, Greencastle, 9-11 age group; seven-year-old Charlotte Tomamichel, daughter of Wendy Tomamichel, Greencastle, 7-8 age group; three-year-old Brittany Hendricks, daughter of Jason and Beth Hendricks, Greencastle, 3-4 age group; and three-year-old Maleah Snedigar, daughter of Katrina and Robert Snedigar, Greencastle, 3-4 age group. Those supporting or sponsoring the bikes for the annual egg hunt include (back, from left) Park Director Rod Weinschenk, the Easter Bunny, Mike Dean, Clint Cooper, Connie Cooper and My Gilley of Carpenter Realtors, Park Board member Cathy Merrell and Mayor Bill Dory.
Banner Graphic/Eric Bernsee

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