For Good or for Bad?

Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Small and somewhat impressionable robots recently became a point of interest inside the Community Building at the Putnam County 4-H Fair, as members of the 4-H Robotics Club gave a short demonstration of their programming skills Friday evening. Before the demonstration begins, 4-H volunteer Christian Destremps helps Addy Koulak inspect the programming of her Lego EV3 Mindstorms robot.
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Later, club members (from left) Zach Coffman, Stone Stauch, Koulak, Will Harper and Wade Harper watch as two robots duke it out. The group also showed how those same robots could be programmed to follow a line, but yet be able to avoid contact with each other. Destremps, a former robotics engineer, explained that the idea behind the demonstration was to point out that such technology can be used either productively or for destruction. The group will give another demonstration at 6 p.m. today inside the Community Building.
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