New e-filing service for protection orders available

Thursday, October 3, 2019

People who find themselves in need of a protection order may now request one from anywhere they can access the internet.

A new protection order e-filing service is now available to individuals, advocates and attorneys. The new service is for adults and children who need protection from domestic or family violence, stalking, sex offenses or harassment.

People seeking protection can use the service to request it any time of day, any day of the week, from the privacy and comfort of a safe space, without having to go to the courthouse.

E-filing is already available in all 92 counties for most case types, and attorneys are required to e-file using one of the state’s certified e-filing service providers. This new e-filing service provider complies with the Violence Against Women Act, interfaces with state and federal criminal databases and is free to use.

It is the only service provider for e-filing in adult and child protection order cases.

Those seeking protection may still file on paper in the clerk’s office or with assistance from a victim advocate.

Attorneys are required to e-file in these cases starting Dec. 2. After a request for protection is sought, a judge reviews the case.

Users of the service have easy access to local advocate phone numbers and locations, and advocates are trained to answer questions and assist with the e-filing process.

The protection order e-filing service is available at and is listed as one of the 12 available e-filing service providers at

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