County announces early voting, vote center information

Friday, October 4, 2019

With 2019 municipal elections only a month away, the Putnam County Voter Registration Office is reminding city and town residents how they can cast their votes — early and on Election Day, which is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Early voting starts on Tuesday, Oct. 7 and will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. The voting booths will be set up on the second floor of the Putnam County Courthouse.

Early voting closes at noon on Monday, Nov. 4. There will also be no voting on Monday, Oct. 14, as the courthouse will be closed for Columbus Day.

Additionally, there will be early voting from 8 a.m.-noon on two Saturdays — Oct. 26 and Nov. 2.

Voter Registration Clerk Stacia Hathaway has already been busy mailing out absentee ballots to voters who request them. Absentee ballots can be sent out if the request is received at the Voter Registration Office (1 W. Washington St., Room 21, Greencastle, IN 46135) by midnight on Monday, Oct. 28.

There will also be a traveling board available for any voter who needs to vote from their home or a nursing facility in the county. The team will be available the week before the election.

Citizens planning to cast their ballots on Election Day are reminded that Putnam County is now a vote center county, meaning there are not individual polling places for each precinct.

For municipal elections, this can be a bit confusing. Although six different county municipalities — Bainbridge, Cloverdale, Fillmore, Greencastle, Roachdale and Russellville — are conducting elections, there are not vote centers in all of these locations.

Moreover, registered voters in any of these locations may cast their ballots at any one of six vote center locations — Putnam County Courthouse, Cloverdale American Legion, Bainbridge Community Building, Floyd Township Fire Protection District, Putnam County Fairgrounds and Greencastle American Legion.

The vote centers at the Reelsville Fire Department and Wellspring Church will not be utilized this year. However, they will be back in use in the 2020 general election cycle.

Anyone with questions about early voting, absentee voting or voting locations may call 655-1538.


Tuesday, Nov. 5


Clerk-treasurer -- Bobbi Boller (I), Monica D. Bray * (I)

Town Council (vote for 3) -- Raymond L. Curran (I), Rodney Fenwick (I), Brent Foltz (I), Robert Hensley (I), Jeff Kiger (I), Jerry Lents* (I), James Covey (J.C.) Mandeville (I), Bonnie Osborn (I), Joel Thompson (Joe)* (I)


Clerk-treasurer -- Cheryl Galloway* (R), Vanessa Carr (I)

Council at-large -- Gary E. Bennington* (R), Samantha Hinman (I)

Council Ward 1 -- Larry Fidler* (R)

Council Ward 2 -- Rick Dearwester (R), Robert D. Anderson (I)


Clerk-treasurer -- Tonya M. Gruenholz (I), Jayna Haldeman* (I)

Town Council (vote for 3) -- Bill Ashcraft* (I), Robin Duncan* (I), Jerry Huff (I), Cyrus (C.J.) Huller* (I), Meridith Trusty (I)


Mayor -- William A. Dory Jr.* (D)

Clerk-Treasurer -- Lynda R. Dunbar* (R)

Council at-large (vote for 3) -- Mark N. Hammer* (R), Harry Maginity (R), Tyler J. Wade (R), Matt Cummings (D), Gary D. Lemon* (D), Dave Murray* (D)

Council Ward 1 -- Adam Cohen* (D)

Council Ward 2 -- Stacie Langdon* (R)

Council Ward 3 -- Haywood Ware, (R) Veronica Pejril (D)

Council Ward 4 -- Cody Eckert (R), Steve Snyder (D)


Clerk-treasurer -- Michael Arnold (I), Debbie Sillery* (I)

Town Council (vote for 3) -- Katrina Asher (I), Zach Bowers* (I), Holly M. Cook* (I), Kevin Cook* (I), Michael Mahoy (I), Richard L. Miles Sr. (I)


Clerk-treasurer -- Martha Mandleco* (I)

Town Council (vote for 3) -- Norma Jean Gross (I), Cathy Jones* (I), Cary E. McGaughey* (I)