Ups and downs for newest Putnam graduation rates

Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) released the state graduation rates for 2019 on Thursday.

Indiana’s state graduation rate for last year was calculated to 87.29 percent, and the non-waiver rate was 76.73 percent. In comparison to 2018, the state graduation rate was 88.1, while the non-waiver graduation rate was 80.78 percent.

In Putnam County, the four different high schools showed increases and decreases with regard to both rates as compared to 2018.

Greencastle High School recorded a state graduation rate of 93.71 percent, with 88.81 percent for the non-waiver rate.

This showed a decrease on both fronts from 2018, when GHS had a 95.9 percent state graduation rate coupled with a 91.8 percent non-waiver rate.

Cloverdale High School had a state graduation rate of 97.75 percent in 2019, while its non-waiver rate came in at 96.63 percent.

In 2018, CHS had a slightly lower state graduation rate of 96.51 percent, as well as a lower non-waiver rate of 93.02 percent.

In 2019, North Putnam High School had a state rate of 95.15 percent, with a 93.2-percent non-waiver rate. The state graduation rate at NPHS decreased from 97.09 percent in 2018, though the non-waiver graduation rate remained the same.

Finally, South Putnam High School saw an increase in both rates for 2019. SPHS’s state graduation rate rose to 96.55 percent from 88.76 percent in 2018, with its non-waiver graduation rate having increased to 90.80 percent from 87.64 percent.

Despite the overall drop in both rates at the state level, State Superintendent Jennifer McCormick seemed optimistic in believing that improvements are needed at the local level.

“Every day, school administrators and classroom teachers across our state dedicate themselves to academically preparing our students for success,” McCormick said. “There is still work to be done, and the department will continue to commit its resources to local districts, working together to ensure our children graduate prepared for life beyond high school.”

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