Letter to the Editor

Teachers are watching

Thursday, January 23, 2020

To the Editor:

In the musical “Hamilton,” King George III sings “You’ll be back, soon you’ll see” to the colonists he claims as his “loyal, royal subjects.”

This came to mind as the Indiana General Assembly returned to town Jan. 6 for the short session.

Legislators seem to think that public educators will just take whatever they dish out, or that teachers aren’t watching what they do.

Just imagine:

• The lowest pay in the Midwest including Kentucky.

• Over 2,200 new regulations and requirements added in the last decade.

• Less input from educators as the governor appoints the state superintendent.

• Over 50-percent decline in college students preparing to be teachers.

Actually, those are facts. Even Gov. Holcomb agrees that we must change, but he’s willing to wait for a commission to report.

Will teachers rise up? They’re more likely to move on – to other states or other professions. You see, they aren’t anyone’s subjects, and they can read the disrespect in your actions.

It might be a good time to change.

Helen Gunn