Letter to the Editor

LETTER: President’s election behavior irresponsible

Monday, December 21, 2020

To the Editor:

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a charming fairy tale that I never thought I would see played out before my eyes.

But indeed we have a U.S. president strutting about in his underwear proclaiming loudly that he is wearing the grandest new clothes -- or in this case, proclaiming that he has won a second term when he actually lost the popular vote and the electoral vote.

World leaders have already acknowledged Biden as our president-elect, but our Indiana congressmen stand in the crowd praising the president for winning a second term.

If the Pacers or the Colts stood around pouting after losing a game, we would be embarrassed by such poor sportsmanship behavior.

Yet Trump is continuing to divide our country and undermine our democracy by trying to bully secretaries of state and others to commit voter fraud by changing the numbers. His claim of voter fraud is backed by no evidence that will stand up in court, and he has tried about every court, including the Supreme Court which twice unanimously rejected his case.

He could be using this time to help congress pass a COVID relief act or to help a smooth transition to a new administration. But instead he is using this time to cause as much trouble as possible.

How long will we have to endure this outrageous behavior?

Jenny Charles