Letter to the Editor

Vote by Baird, others a different form of attack

Monday, January 11, 2021

To the Editor:

Last week while rioters, fueled by the incendiary rhetoric of President Donald Trump, were launching an assault on the U.S. Capitol, the very seat of our democracy, legislators inside that same structure were employing a different type of attack. One hundred thirty-eight congressional representatives were supporting two motions that would overturn the will of the American people, using mistruths and conspiracy theories promoted by the president to nullify a procedure that is normally a formality ó the final count of the certified electoral votes from each of the 50 United States that would complete Joe Bidenís victory in last Novemberís presidential election.

Four of the objecting congressmen were from Indiana. One was from our own 4th Congressional district. Following the lead of Trump toadies Mo Brooks and Louie Gohmert, Jim Baird and others sought to overturn a free and fair election simply because their candidate didnít win. Basing their claims on lies and unfounded accusations brought forth without a shred of evidence, these congressmen supported a motion that not only had no chance of passing, but was not in the province of Congress to even consider during this meeting.

The only possible outcome to their objections would be the further erosion of the American publicís trust in our democratic electoral process.

Fortunately, sensible Republicans and Democrats in the House were able to quash the objections. With the Senate doing the same, Congress, reconvening following the insurrection, finished the count early the next morning, thus ensuring that our republic and our democratic principles remained intact.

It is difficult to understand why Congressman Baird would be taken in by a scheme that undermines the very freedoms he fought for during the Vietnam War. His rationale that he was just following the ideals of federalism ring somewhat hollow in lieu of his fealty to an unhinged, despotic president and his congressional sycophants.

There will be many opportunities during the remainder of his term for Congressman Baird to more fully explain his rationale for this action. In the meantime, let us hope he that represents us in a way that, by putting country over party, will protect our fragile democracy and help ensure our cherished freedoms for our children and for generations to come.

Gary VanMiddlesworth