No one hurt, one arrested in Monday shooting incident

Monday, May 3, 2021
The side windows of a Cadillac are blown out following a shooting incident at 504 Lincoln Ave. in Cloverdale Monday afternoon. No one was injured.
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CLOVERDALE — Police and paramedics scrambled to Cloverdale Monday afternoon for a shooting incident that ended without any casualties.

At about 1 p.m., Cloverdale police were called out to 504 Lincoln Ave. A neighbor reported seeing a man come out of the house, aim a firearm northeast toward the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and U.S. 231, fire two shots and go back inside.

When Cloverdale Town Marshal Steve Hibler and Deputy Marshal Adam Hull arrived on the scene, the suspect appeared at the door with a shotgun. The also noticed a Cadillac parked in front of the residence with two windows shot out.

Bradley Branneman

Hibler said the suspect, identified as 53-year-old Bradley Branneman of Cloverdale, was ordered to put down the shotgun, which he did. However, he was then detained after he picked it back up.

Hibler told the Banner Graphic that Branneman initially said four people were down on the property, but later changed that to eight people.

Local EMS crews were dispatched to the scene, with a StatFlight helicopter also being requested. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office also responded as backup.

It was then discovered that no one had been shot, with authorities even checking a residence where Branneman had been earlier in the day.

The EMS crews went back into service and the StatFlight helicopter was disregarded.

Branneman was taken into custody and charged with felony criminal recklessness and false reporting. The motive behind the incident is unclear.

Furthermore, Hibler said that based upon the nature of the incident, a Jake Laird order will be sought in the matter. Indiana’s version of a Red Flag Law, an order issued under the Jake Laird Law would prevent Branneman from purchasing, possessing or acquiring firearms.

The home at which the incident took place belongs to Branneman’s mother, Nancy Branneman.

Hibler had praise for the citizen who called in the incident.

“I have to commend our citizens because people get involved,” Hibler said. “It also could’ve been much worse if when Adam and I rolled up there we had just walked up to the front door.”

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