GAC banner project winners named

Monday, May 10, 2021
Judges Alexandria Chamberlain, Leah Vires and Barbara Fields-Timm stand in front of some of the entries in the “We ART Putnam County” banner project. The judges selected winners from among 84 entries by county middle school students.
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If you have been to the Putnam Public Library recently, you may have noticed quite a few new pieces of art displayed, each piece showcasing a part of Putnam County. 

Middle school students from all over the county, including homeschooled students, participated in the Greencastle Arts Council’s “We ART Putnam County” banner project.

Angie Weeks with the Greencastle Arts Council described the program as way to represent the arts in Putnam County.

“The program has a really good basis here,” she said. “It’s grounded in the belief that we’re going to help represent the arts. And so, by cultivating that arts capacity, whether its pride of place or its focusing on the local artists, we’re here to help spread those messages and to share what Putnam County has as far as art.”

Students were asked to create 9 x 12-inch portraits, showcasing why each student thinks Putnam County is a great place to visit.  Each piece of art was carefully reviewed by a panel of judges who volunteered their time. There were four winning designs and four honorable mentions from four areas of the county.

The Greencastle Arts Council was thankful to have its volunteer judges donate their time for this project, offering a shout out to Barbara Fields-Timm, Alexandra Chamberlain and Leah Vires. Judges met May 4 to review all 84 pieces of artwork submitted for the projects.

The winners and honorable mentions are:

North Putnam

• Winning design: Silos and Corn by Heath Livingston.

• Honorable mention: A County Collage by Braydon Patrick Newrider.


• Winning design: Four Arches, Covered Bridge and Peony by Liz Kavanaugh.

• Honorable mention: McKim Observatory by Madilyn Hiatt.

South Putnam

• Winning design: Buzz Bomb by Logan Hamm.

• Honorable mention: Robe-Ann Park by Kennadie Thompson.


• Winning design: Skate Park by Ryanne Clark.

• Honorable mention: Four County Schools by Tayt Jackson.

The Greencastle Arts Council is pleased to showcase local art and collaborate with the teachers and students and work with Tri Kappa, the City of Greencastle and the Putnam County Convention and Visitors Bureau and are looking forward to the “We ART Putnam County” banner project leading into their future projects coming later this year. To learn more about the banner project, future events, to join or to donate, visit

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