Charlene Rita Johnson

Monday, August 9, 2021

Charlene Rita Johnson was born a poor white Serbian on a dirt floor in Baltimore, Md., on Aug. 10, 1953.

She was loving wife to a much younger man, Cory Johnson. Adored mother to three unstable children, Big Bro, Sissy and Lil Bro; 16 grandchildren, six great-granchildren and many more random children.

Charlene was founder and president of DMWM (Donít mess with mom) and GGAS (Go get a switch) foundations. She loved to watch her children weed her gardens (when child labor was legal or so we were told.)

Mom enjoyed music, dancing and singing (mainly in the rain.) She accomplished many things in her life (most being illegal.) Mom loved to tell stories like the time she walked 20 miles uphill barefoot in the snow to school. Wait, why was she barefoot?

She had a great sense of humor (clearly she left us to write this) and she never backed down from a fight, which explains the police record. Mom was loved by all, well, the important ones and the rest who cares? She will be missed, however if you find her please contact us at 1-800-go-mom.

Not the selfish, type mom didnít want to take anything with her except the ashtray and thatís all. And the paddle game, the ashtray and the remote and thatís all. The ashtray, paddle game, remote and matches, thatís all she needed. The ashtray, paddle game, remote, matches and the lamp. The ashtray, paddle game, remote, matches and the lamp thatís all she is taking. This beautiful soul with her ashtray, paddle game, remote, matches and lamp made her way to heaven on Aug. 5, 2021.