Castlemakers donates 20 micro computers to GHS class

Thursday, December 16, 2021
Despite being about the size of a credit card, a micro:bit has computing power beyond what was imaginable just a few generations ago. The Greencastle High School Introduction to Digital Communications class recently received a donation of 20 micro:bits from Castlemakers.
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Students in the Introduction to Digital Communications class at Greencastle High School will be able to experience physical computing thanks to a donation from Castlemakers.

The Greencastle makerspace provided 20 micro:bit student kits to be used by GHS students.

Castlemakers President Chris Hebb delivered the micro:bits to students and spent a class period guiding them through the basic operations, functions and required coding. Students will now be able to use the micro:bits to take ideas from conception to reality.

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Micro:bits are approximately the size of a credit card and allow students to build and program devices that interact with the world around them. Micro:bits contain motion, light and temperature sensors; are able to send and receive bluetooth and radio signals; and have a 25 LED display.

Micro:bits are thousands of times more powerful than early computers that occupied an entire room. According to TechRepublic, the micro:bit was able to calculate 6,842 Fibbonaci sequence numbers in 15 seconds while the famous Harwell Witch, built in 1951, was only able to calculate three in that time.

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Castlemakers President Chris Hebb explains the operation of a micro:bit to the Greencastle High School Introduction to Digital Communications class recently.
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