Letter to the Editor

LETTER: Cloverdale Cemetery needs to work on fulfilling obligations

Thursday, September 1, 2022

To the Editor:

In preparation for the time we are no longer here, my husband and I purchased a grave marker for our plots at the Cloverdale Cemetery. We had no idea how hard it was going to be to complete this process.

On April 5, the money was paid to have the foundation prepared for the stone. It took from April 5 until June 30 for that check to be cashed in the account of the Cloverdale Cemetery Association. The secretary of the cemetery board is employed by the First National Bank as a teller, but couldn’t seem to take care of the check in a timely manner. It took several calls before this was done.

Since that time, we have been waiting to have our monument put on the gravesite. After many calls, I finally talked to the man in charge of the association, Larry Haltom. He assured me the foundation would be ready by the first of August. It is now the 13th of August and still nothing has been done.

Maybe publicity will get things done. We have tried to be patient with this situation, but it has come to an end.

John Yount of Cutting Edge has the contract with the cemetery. Several phone calls to his number have been made but never a returned call. Maybe he is too busy with his own business to do the work, but in that case he shouldn’t have bid on the job for the cemetery.

The business that we purchased the monument from is waiting to hear from the cemetery, so that they can bring our monument to Cloverdale.

There are others in this same situation also.

WARNING: If you are considering being buried in the Cloverdale Cemetery, check out the procedure for grave monuments. They have many excuses for their work not being done.

This has no reflection or connection with the Whitaker Funeral Home or its employees. Jacob Whitaker has tried to help us with this, but he doesn’t have any answers either.

Carl and Marilyn Grove