Court News for July 5, 2024

Friday, July 5, 2024

The following cases were filed in Putnam County courts recently.

Criminal Cases

Daniel Castaneda, 31, Indianapolis, Level 5 felony burglary, Class A misdemeanor theft

Scott D. Griffin, 49, Roachdale, Level 6 felony driving while intoxicated

Stanley E. McKinney Jr., 43, Fillmore, Level 6 felony driving as a habitual traffic violator, Class C misdemeanor reckless driving

Zachary L. Benassi, 31, Cloverdale, Level 6 felony failure to register as a sex or violent offender

Malik M. Taha, 27, Indianapolis, Level 6 felony sexual battery, Class B misdemeanor battery

Keith M. Smiley, 25, Shelbyville, Level 6 felony theft

Stephanie N. Inglert, 37, Coatesville, Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Thomas M. Tomlin, 34, Rockville, Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana

Jay’la Teasley, 20, St. Charles, Mo., Class B misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident

Carlos J.R. Sanchez, 24, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor domestic battery

Kimberly A. O’Hair, 59, Greencastle, Class B misdemeanor battery

Mary K. Love, 56, Brazil, Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana, Class C misdemeanor driving with a Schedule I or II controlled substance, Class C misdemeanor driving without receiving a license

Christian E. Villeda Hernandez, 32, Indianapolis, Class C misdemeanor driving without receiving a license

Melissa D. Hillenburg, 47, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license with a prior conviction

Clifton Fisher, 59, Cloverdale, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license with a prior conviction

Juan C. Garza Santiago, 28, Kansas City, Mo., driving while intoxicated

Charles P. Burnham Jr., 28, Terre Haute, driving with a suspended license with a prior conviction

Hernandez G. Gustavo, 23, Indianapolis, driving without receiving a license

Citations and Infractions

Lowell T. Poynter, 53, Terre Haute, passing stopped school bus

Steven L. Shumaker, 74, Greencastle, passing stopped school bus

Eric D. Qurazzo, 51, Cloverdale, speeding in a school zone

Po Chiao Wang, 26, West Lafayette, speeding in a school zone

Martin E. Duarte Rodriguez, 37, Canutillo, Texas, speeding

Jasvir S. Jassi, 24, Fairfield, Calif., speeding

Tina M. Keife, 66, Terre Haute, driving with a suspended license

David L. Louderback, 43, Indianapolis, speeding

Londyn Q. Scalf, 24, Avon, speeding

David M. Parcus, 43, Brazil, speeding

Marcos A. Teles, 27, Indianapolis, speeding

Allison E. Davis, 24, Russellville, driving with a suspended license

Sara A. Simons, 40, Terre Haute, speeding

Michael Kennedy, 41, Indianapolis, driving with a suspended license

Garin A. Loff, 19, Summerville, S.C., unsafe lane movement

Alexander S. Sefton, 22, Greencastle, distracted driving

Eston A. McIlroy, 22, Louisville, Ky., speeding

Frederick N. Mann, 17, Cloverdale, seat belt violation

Ernest L. Boger, 35, Gosport, seat belt violation

Ashley L. Kenworthy, 41, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Justin D. Mattingly, 40, Cloverdale, speeding

Makayla R. Vandagrifft, 23, Greencastle, driving without financial responsibility

Harpinder Singh, 24, Brampton, Ontario, unlawful stopping/standing/parking

Matthew J. Romalia, 41, Greencastle, speeding

Andy C. Tinajera, 20, Indianapolis, speeding

Havyn R. Midkiff, 21, Richland, speeding

Hiawatha D. Willis, 43, Indianapolis, speeding

Michael J. Dunn, 48, Indianapolis, speeding

Michael A. Fikes, 25, Brownsburg, speeding

Zachary J. Dorsett, 17, Greencastle, speeding

Gersin A. Salazar Abzun, 27, Indianapolis, speeding, no valid driver’s license

Jackson C. Mancillas, 15, Cloverdale, disregarding an official traffic control device

Trey J. Waterbury, 29, New Albany, driving with a suspended license

Tamara S. Spidel, 60, Lebanon, speeding

Matthew W. Zanandrea, 60, Clinton, speeding

Nicholas A. Marietta, 40, Brazil, speeding

Kimberly D. Fiscus, 58, Rockville, speeding

Gene C. Bowen, 83, Greencastle, following too closely

Kendall A. Knight, 32, Avon, workzone speeding

Angela E. Haltom, 49, Quincy, speeding

C. Bertino Ordonez- Castellanos, 39, Indianapolis, speeding

Satnam Singh, 37, Danville, address or name change violation

Ralph E. Hoffman, 38, Spencer, distracted driving

Vicky A. Jones, 65, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Kaiden K. Tibbetts, 19, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Chad A. Bacon, 27, Centerville, Ohio, failure to obey traffic device/police officer/flagman at worksite

Alejandro M. Alvarado, 19, Indianapolis, speeding, following too closely

Maggie M. Johnson, 40, Bloomington, speeding

Shek Sidi, 22, Indianapolis, speeding


Margaret Rodgers, Greencastle, and Dustin Rodgers, Greencastle

Lillian A. Givans, Bainbridge, and Christopher W.D. Givans

Paris Boutwell, Greencastle, and Jacob Butcher, Reelsville

Grant L. Smith, Cloverdale, and Megan L. Smith, Fillmore

Civil Cases

Midland Credit Management vs. Ronald Coble

Midland Credit Management vs. Kayla Fish

Midland Credit Management vs. Monica M. Butts

Midland Credit Management vs. Heather Polster

Midland Credit Management vs. James Haynes

Midland Credit Management vs. Savanna Green

Midland Credit Management vs. Benjamin Petro

Van Bibber Lake POA vs. Charles T. Bentley