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Brand Selvia

The precipice of the hard line

Posted Thursday, June 11, 2020, at 4:17 PM
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  • Well stated!

    -- Posted by vwhitaker11 on Thu, Jun 11, 2020, at 4:33 PM
  • Can I Try to shed some more light on the issue? I'm not Black Lives Matter, nor am I the NAACP, but as your friendly neighborhood anarcho-communist, I hope I can explain some of the issues and dialogue surrounding the police.

    Abolishing the police is a VERY hard left position. The position maintains that capitalism requires both the enforcement of private property rights and some form of economic hierarchy to self perpetuate, and the police (at least our modern conception of it) is designed to enforce those two things, private property and economic hierarchy. Public safety is a side gig, and one that would be better suited to social services and social workers. This idea will likely seem extremely far flung, and you would have to engage with the literature in order to get a truly nuanced understanding of the position. Marx, Kropotkin, and Luxemburg would bee good authors to start with.

    Defunding the police is a far more realistic goal. Some major cities have been known to spend very large sums of money on the police, often several times more than anything else, from fire departments to public health to public schools. Defunding the police isn't abolition, and so it is not removing the police budget entirely, but just asking the question of why the police are being paid to do things such as wellness checks, to deescalation, to drug enforcement when some of these roles would be better filled by health professionals. Re thinking public safety is the goal here, and diverting police budgets to public services.

    SO what does this mean for Greencastle? I don't know, I have no idea what the police budget is here, or what they do on a regular basis. It may not mean anything for us at all. It is still important, however, that we understand the discussion, it may be worthwhile to keep our eye on the big cities where many changes and reforms are already taking place and ask ourselves if we should be doing something similar here.

    -- Posted by CurieZastava on Thu, Jun 11, 2020, at 7:24 PM
  • *

    Ain't no such thing as a "friendly" anarcho-communist.

    Violence is a necessary means to that end. (See Seattle)

    And your ideals of anarcho-communism may look good on paper, but they overlook (actually, they simply deny) one very important element: human nature.

    -- Posted by dreadpirateroberts on Thu, Jun 11, 2020, at 11:35 PM
  • You're free to think that if you want, but the merits of anarcho communism isn't really the topic at hand here. I only said it just so people who read the comments understand that I come from a certain radical position and have had exposure to these radical reform ideas for a long time

    -- Posted by CurieZastava on Fri, Jun 12, 2020, at 5:29 AM
  • well stated and thoughtful article- Thanks

    -- Posted by small town fan on Fri, Jun 12, 2020, at 10:03 AM
  • *

    @CurieZastava, you can throw a coat of paint over a turd but calling it an M&M doesn't make it so.

    @Brand, your ideas come across as if you're trying to mull realities based in compromise. Good for you (seriously). I tried to do that for awhile until I realized just how moot of an effort it was. These creatures we see today whining about BLM-this, oppression-that not only consist primarily of affluent, well-to-do liberal arts twenty-somethings morons who use situations like this to steal and vandalize but who also have been taught to drive only on one-way streets: there's no compromising with any of them because it's not societal reforms they're trying to traffick in...it's religious ideology. You can't compromise using systems of belief or the fanatics inebriated with the involved convictions.

    The only way out of this mess is through educational reform. We've conflated all associated sensationalism and sacrificed the very intellectual foundations centered on science-based objectivity with emotional virtue. We need to implement safeguards against indoctrination, drastically intensify the level of accountability educational staff and faculty are managed with, and fire those who are found to use their classrooms as their little personal political pulpits. These situations where people are rationalizing their extreme mentalities is the real cancer needing excised but as such, it's going to get worse before it gets better.

    Today, it's blocking traffic at the town square, throwing rocks at cars, toppling statues perceived as symbols of hatred, seeing YouTube videos of 10+ black people beating up the 1 white store owner during attempts to defend it from looters, etc., but tomorrow, it's people-of-color-exclusive events, privilege tax, reparations, explosives installed underneath Mt. Rushmore, you name it...

    -- Posted by DouglasQuaid on Fri, Jun 12, 2020, at 11:37 AM
  • I'm your friendly neighborhood libertarian with a few observations. First, we cannot change history, but we can, as has been ongoing in fits and starts since 1864, attempt to improve as we move into the future. It may never be enough, like the unrealized ideal, but we can't stop trying. Second, there has been a criminal element since Cain killed Abel. That will never go away. Now we can differ on the definition of "criminal", but to ignore its presence, and disastrous affect on the most vulnerable communities, is foolhardy. Third, we have militarized police forces for the past few decades. I remember years ago when I was on the council a short-lived chief of police coming to me about starting a SWAT team. I don't doubt SWAT teams are necessary in some cases; nor do I doubt that they have kicked in the wrong door in a number of cases. So I am in favor of improving education by teachers teaching American History, both the warts and the heroics of giving the world the guide to a liberal society, albeit one that will always need work. I am in favor of encouraging productive achievement over sloth and the notion of easy money (that means no more zero interest rates for Wall Street as well). And I am in favor of cutting police budgets; most all budgets at all levels of government, for that matter. Personal responsibility and living by the Golden Rule would go a long way toward making this a more respectful and just society.

    -- Posted by luna maximus on Mon, Jun 15, 2020, at 6:22 PM
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