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Thursday, April 20, 2006

If all goes according to plan, homeowners in the Parker Subdivision may soon be connecting to the Cloverdale sewer lines.

"We still need some sort of sanitary," Parker Subdivision representative Bill Cope told the Cloverdale Town Council Wednesday.

After a 30-minute discussion during a special council meeting Wednesday, the Cloverdale Town Council, under the guidance of town attorney Scott Hoff, asked representatives from the Parker Subdivision to provide the council a resolution requesting the homeowners express interest in hooking up to town sewer lines.

Cope, representative for 21 homeowners within the subdivision, approached the board Wednesday in a special council meeting hoping to be added.

He approached the board at its April regular meeting asking the homeowners in the subdivision be added to the town water and sewer lines. However, at that meeting, Cope and town council members learned the subdivision was already getting water from Cataract Water.

But at Wednesday's meeting, Cope said he was recently informed the homeowners in the subdivision had received confirmation from Cataract Water that there would be cooperation between the two entities.

Cope said there are 44 lots in the subdivision, but only 21 homeowners have expressed interest in the possible change.

He said the property is under a HomeOwners Association.

Some council members expressed a possible interest in all home owners coming into the project, but Cope said that has not come to fruition yet.

"A homeowners association is a democracy, just like anything else," Cope said.

Cope said a lift station would have to be purchased in order for a system to work. A lift station is installed in difficult operating environments and is used to help transport liquid wastewater from homes and businesses to a treatment plant for processing and cleaning.

"We will have to have a lift station," Cope said.

Council member John Davis asked Cope if he and the homeowners realized how expensive a lift station could be.

"Oh yeah," Cope said. "

"A lift station is not cheap by any means," Davis added.

"We know we're going to spend some bucks," Cope said.

Council member Judy Whitaker then asked Cope if it was a possibility if all the homeowners in the subdivision would eventually be added to the project, which Cope said might happen.

Still, Hoff suggested the homeowners establish a resolution expressing interest in connecting to the town's sewer lines.

"The home owners I've talked to out there have been very perceptive," Cope said.

Following the special session, the town council met in executive session.

The council meets regularly on the second Tuesday of each month. Its next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. May 9.

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