Thompson puts name on ballot for house seat

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Reelsville area resident Richard E. Thompson has announced his Democrat candidacy for state representative in House District 44.

The Parke County farmer and 20-year Jackson Township Trustee will be challenging incumbent Andy Thomas in the fall general election.

The district includes all of Putnam County and portions of Clay, Parke and Vigo counties.

"I am excited about the prospect of meeting my fellow citizens throughout House District 44," Thompson said. "It's time to send Governor Daniels a clear message: don't mess with our time, and stop privatizing state government and selling off our infrastructure.

"This is the beginning of a five-month effort to convince the voters in Parke, Putnam, Vigo, and Clay counties that our current state representative isn't getting the job done and is nothing but a rubber stamp for Mitch Daniels," Thompson added. "When Susan Crosby went to Indianapolis, she worked in a bi-partisan way making sure to represent all the people of House District 44. I hope to be that same type of representative."

Thompson said the district continues to suffer from neglect in the areas that matter most, including economic development and the availability of good paying jobs, funding for our classrooms, affordable healthcare, and long-term property tax relief.

"I have been privileged to serve the people of Parke County for 20 years, and I am not afraid to stand up to the governor when it comes to representing the wishes and concerns of the people in my district," Thompson said.

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