Room at the Inn part of day spa

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Greencastle business has added on to its mission of cleansing the minds, bodies and spirits of its clients.

After months of renovation following a mile-long move, the inn at Victorian Day Spa has opened.

Rhonda Stonebraker, along with her husband Tom, opened the Victorian Day Spa six years ago on 1245 S. Jackson St., catering to people who wanted to escape from the world for an hour through either massage therapy, facials or other personal pampering. It was about a year ago when Stonebraker read that DePauw University was moving the historic home of Seminary Street Bed and Breakfast. She and her husband had stayed at the inn several times and loved the building for its Victorian charm. So when she saw the news, she contacted DePauw about acquiring the house. That led to the multi-bloc move that relocated the 1890 Victorian house near the spa house on two and a half acres.

Stonebraker told the BannerGraphic her intention is to create a destination spa.

"It is definitely a retreat," Stonebraker said. "By the time you leave, I want you to feel peace, relaxed and able to face the world again."

Upon entering the inn, visitors are transported back to a time of peace and elegance, where everything moves at a little bit slower pace. The inn includes seven rooms, a parlor, formal dining room and a sun room for all guests to enjoy.

"Its not your typical hotel," Stonebraker said. "Guests can go anywhere and enjoy the whole house. I want people to come just to enjoy the house."

Guests and visitors will not only notice the beautiful decor of each room, which was done by Stonebreaker herself, but also that fact that each room has a name for itself. Stonebraker said that idea started because of a blue-stained glass window in the front bedroom. She used wallpaper that not only enhanced the window, but showcases Victorian charm. This room is called the French Room.

Stonebraker then started thinking up color schemes for each room, and with each color chosen, a name was picked to correspond such as merlot, cognac, rose and chablis.

Recently, the Victorian Day Spa and Inn were used for a wedding ceremony. Stonebreaker liked the idea of using the buildings and the land for weddings and receptions, but other ideas are also being considered.

For more information about the day spa and inn, visit or call (765) 653-5101.

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