Van Bibber Estates now offering Broadband Internet

Monday, July 24, 2006

Van Bibber Lake Estates is in the fast lane, the Broadband Internet lane.

AirHOP, a local Broadband service provider, recently launched services to the community of Van Bibber Lake Estates.

Numerous resident inquiries over the span of two years made partners Tim Gierke, John Hendrich, and Gary Stevens realize the need to provide services to the community.

Jerry Thacker of the Van Bibber Lake Conservancy said that the conservancy is always looking to improve the services for the residents. "The Internet is a big plus for the community," Thacker said.

"We are thrilled to provide broadband service to the residents of VBL Estates," said Gierke.

"They have been very patient with us and we hope this will be an asset to their community."

According to Gierke, broadband is a lifeline for businesses to run smoothly and for consumers to shop, do research, play online video games, communicate long distance through e-mail, and many other fun and exciting things.

Sarah Wolf, VBL Estates resident, said that she thinks the broadband services are wonderful.

She has the ability to scoot around the Internet and everything comes up so fast.

"The best part about it is that e-mail comes so much faster," she said. "It's really nice.

Wolf also encourages the older members of the community not to be afraid of it.

"It is simple," she said.

Broadband is provided through a wireless connection, so there is no tying up of the user's phone lines.

According to Gierke, AirHOP will continue to look for opportunities to provide broadband services to areas currently under served in and around Putnam County.

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