Council hears update on new police vehicle

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Although the Bainbridge Town Council had seen items on this month's agenda repeated from past meetings, it made quick work of them during its meeting in the community center Wednesday night.

During the marshal's report, Rodney Fenwick informed Richard Cope and Mike Smith that he and his deputies have made many traffic stops and have been to a few accidents out on the fringe of the town.

While looking at the report, Smith asked Fenwick what a OMVWI was. "Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated," said Fenwick.

Fenwick explained recently they had a man who was over the legal limit and was endangering others. "He almost hit another car head on," said Fenwick.

Fenwick also provided the board with information about the new police car. Fenwick had asked for some bids to put either reflective or non-reflective markings on the car. "I would prefer the non-reflective on the car," said Fenwick. "It makes us look more stealth."

Reflective will cost $500, while non-reflective will cost $400.

Smith asked Fenwick if this includes installation. Fenwick said it should, but after looking at the paper that stated the price did not include installation, Fenwick said he would talk with the company.

Fenwick later informed the board that new tires were needed for the Chevrolet and the new lights in the back of the new car were finished. But the car is still not ready due to the radar unit still being on back order.

Cope asked Fenwick if there was any word on when the parts would arrive. Fenwick said he had called them Wednesday, but has not received a call back. The company was supposed to call Fenwick back when the parts arrived.

"When I get back Monday, if it's not here or if (the company) doesn't have a definite date, I am contacting another company," said Fenwick.

The board also learned from Clerk-Treasurer Jason Hartman that he has had to call a representative from Bedford for a price on a damaged pipe for the park water drainage project. Hartman said he had not received a call back.

Smith asked about contacting an excavator to ask his opinion about cutting the open ditch and getting some pricing on it. Hartman said, "Well doing that you could still use the system that is all ready in place."

Smith also made the suggestion about widening the bridge and and putting a sidewalk on top. "Somebody needs to tells us how to do it," said Utility Supt. Jim Nelson.

The board agreed to look around and talk with local people about how they should go about working on this project.

In other business, the board:

--Learned the utility board is looking to hire some new employees. According to Nelson, the board is looking for somebody with experience in a couple of fields.

--Learned that Charlie Boller completed the parking stripe painting project Tuesday.

--Learned that attorney Lori Robertson-Hardwick was still working on the annexation project. She still needed some information from Nelson.

--Learned that the recodification/employee handbook will be ready by the next meeting.

--Approved salary ordinance 2006-3 by a vote of 2-0.

--Learned from Hartman that Wabash Valley Asphalt will be in town next week to begin working on the streets. Hartman also said that Wabash Valley will be extending the drive on the eastside of the Family Dollar all the way to the street.

--Learned from Hartman that Church Street has been deeded over to the Jagger family. Attorney Andy Colt was waiting to hear from the town as to what part of the property they were wanting. Church Street runs north and south along Pat Rady Way (U.S. 36). Hartman said they are wanting the part on the northside that connects to Pat Rady Way. The Jagger family will later quit claim deed the property over to the town.

Naomi Barker was not at Wednesday's meeting.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 7 p.m. at the community center.

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