Board learns of state request

Friday, August 25, 2006

Resolutions and preventive maintenance on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning were the topics discussed during the Putnam County Public Library board meeting Wednesday night.

Library director Alice Greenburg presented the board with three resolutions from the state library. The first resolution was a commitment to join the public library Internet consortium, the second was a request for a six-month extension for the technology plan, and the third was to establish a state technology grant fund.

Greenburg said that the Internet consortium helps with Internet funding for the library. The library joined the consortium last year.

Greenburg explained that the consortium would be signing a four-year contract with EMA for the Internet line. The library will have to take the money to cover the costs out of the gift fund and the state will reimburse them.

"In order to get any state technology funding, we have to have a technology plan (the second resolution)," said Greenburg.

The technology plan is good for two years. Because state funding goes from July 1-June 30, the board has to adjust its technology plan.

The second resolution allows them to have a six month extension to adjust the plan.

Greenburg then explained the third resolution. She said that the state technology fund is the source of the payment. The board has to establish a special fund to in order to handle the payment.

Bonnie Nealon asked Greenburg if the payments for the fund come monthly or annually. Greenburg said monthly, but the revenues will come in a lump sum.

The board approved the three resolutions.

Greenburg informed the board that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, HVAC, maintenance would be done for the fall and spring months. The board had received a bid from Huber AA and Sons to do the job.

The board remembered using a different company the last time, but there were problems with the company not knowing the equipment.

Ken Heeke said the board had received bids in the past that were very close to Huber's price, but the one time the board approved a lower bid from an out of town source, they company just did not know the equipment. "They (Huber's) really know this equipment because they installed it, and they have basically done everything to it," said Heeke.

Heeke also said that he was really pleased with Huber's response if the library had a problem.

The board approved using Huber A A and Sons for their HVAC preventive maintenance.

In other business, the board:

-- Learned from accountant Mark Hammer that the board checking account at the end of last month was $7,334, which is down from where it was last year.

-- Learned that the net assets from all funds have decreased $49,714. There is a $62,000 difference between this year and last year's net assets.

-- Approved the fee policy changes. The cost of color copies and print-outs have increased to 50 cents and remove free print-outs per day. The library had allowed patrons to print the first three pages per day for free.

-- Learned that the reference desk has been moved to create an advantage for both library workers and patrons alike.

-- Learned that July was a good month for the library with total circulation being stable. Several DePauw University students visited the library during Destination Downtown Tuesday, more than they have had in the past.

-- Learned of several promotions the library has worked on. One is the Read for the Record campaign, which took place Thursday.

Another is in the children's library section on how to eat fried worms. The final promotion is 30 ways to use the library card. The month of September is library card sign-up month.

-- Learned that the long range planning committee will be hosting group meetings in late September and October and the adoption the plan will take place at the December meeting. Each group would have a one time discussion meeting. The board members will be assisting Greenburg in contacting people to be a part of this meeting.

-- Approved Nancy Kern's short leave request.

The next regular scheduled meeting is set for Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 6 p.m. in the Kiwanis Room. Two special meetings have been scheduled for the proposed 2007 budget. A public hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 31, and a adoption hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 13. Both meetings at set for 6 p.m.

The meetings are open to the public.

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