Police eradicate marijuana plants located in field

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

More than 82 marijuana plants were destroyed by the Putnam County Sheriff's Department after the plants were found in a farm field south of Canaan Church in Marion Township Saturday.

Sheriff Mark Frisbie told the BannerGraphic that a youth found the plants while putting up his tree stand and noticed that the area had been weed-eated.

The plants were situated on the edge of a cornfield, where no water sources is readily available.

Sheriff's Deputy Virgil Lanning said whoever was growing these plants knew what they were doing and were bringing in water.

Both Frisbie and Lanning found these plants to be a bit strange. According to Frisibe, the plants were a hybrid breed, very small and unusual.

"Its weird," said Frisbie.

During his years as an undercover officer, Frisbie said he had seen plants similar in size growing in indoor facilities, but never has he seen it in an outdoor growth. The plants were being sent off to be tested.

Lanning pointed out that the lower branches on the plant had been stripped, allowing the upper branches to receive more nutrients.

The buds on these plants were also unusual due to their size. According to Frisbie, the size of these buds would normally be seen on plants 6-8 feet in height.

The sheriff's department has been working with the Indiana State Police on investigating these growth patches. Frisbie said they are keeping an eye on some while yanking the rest.

Frisbie and Lanning pulled 82 plants from this one patch. The price placed on the plants was estimated at $82,000, but could be more depending on the variety.

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