Ellsworth meets with students, public at DePauw

Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Democratic congressional candidate Brad Ellsworth talks with a group of women on the steps of the Union Building at DePauw University Monday. Ellsworth made a stop in Greencastle to talk to the DePauw students as he visits all 18 counties in the congressional district before the election on Tuesday.

For Democratic congressional candidate Brad Ellsworth, running for office has been a life-changing experience for the better in more ways than one.

Ellsworth, along with his wife Beth, stopped in Greencastle Monday to talk with DePauw University students about the issues they want to see changed with this upcoming election.

One particular issue students wanted to talk to Ellsworth about was the war in Iraq. Ellsworth said that he also talked to the students about how the war has had a domino effect on everything in the country. Things like education and pensions are being effected by the war.

Ellsworth also commented on how refreshing it was to talk to students about such issues because he feels that it is up to his generation to leave something behind for the younger generations.

"Can we leave it better than what we found it," Ellsworth said.

Since Ellsworth's last few visits to the county, he said he has seen more interest from the residents, especially since he has received some national attention. Some of that attention came from U.S. Senator Evan Bayh as he joined up with Ellsworth to keep a promise to veterans and Hoosiers soldiers currently serving overseas. This promise is to make sure soldiers do not have to take a pay cut for serving their country.

Ellsworth received more attention on Monday as former Senator Birch Bayh also tagged along for the tour. Bayh said that the most compelling thing for voters to know and remember is if they do not like what is going on with the nation, then it's time for a change.

The former senator was responsible for passing Title IX, the clause that gives women equal opportunities in athletics and activities in public education, and for the 25th and 26th Amendments, which established the rules for presidential succession and lowered the minimum voting age to 18.

Ellsworth was very pleased and honored to have had Bayh tag along, and said that he feels that Bayh has imparted some wisdom on decision making and what it was like back when Bayh was in office.

"Its an honor for me to spend time with him," Ellsworth said.

Greencastle was not Ellsworth's only stop in what he calls the "Change Express" bus tour. Ellsworth told the BannerGraphic Monday that the next stop on the tour was the Owen County Courthouse in Spencer. He also said that he will be visiting all 18 counties in the 8th District, and will continue to let the residents know that this is not where it ends if he is elected on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Also on hand to talk to residents, students and Ellsworth were other Democratic candidates for various offices, including Richard Thompson, candidate for state representative, Doris Miller, candidate for Greencastle Township Trustee, and Russell Evans, candidate for county commissioner.

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