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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Although no shows have aired yet, "The MooseBump Show" creators Nathaniel Lien and Kevin Sanders are both waiting patiently.

The Greencastle High School duo recently told the BannerGraphic that shows could start airing before the end of the year.

"No positive dates have been set," Sanders said. "There's so many things to work around."

The two recently signed a contract with American Online to air the shows in the website's teen edition. Those who want to watch the shows can get access to the website by going to

Sanders said it was possible that a show could air by the end of the month, but January looked like a better possibility.

"We've recorded three professional shows," Lien added. "(AOL is) planning on one a month."

Lien added that shows may air on KOL TV through KOL TV caters to Saturday morning children's shows.

"They're going to try to loop them in," Lien said.

Despite signing the contract, both Sanders and Lien said response is the one thing that will keep the show going in the future.

"This can go no further unless we get enough viewer response," Sanders said. "We've got to just wait now and hope for the best."

"Unless there's a response, we've got nothing," Lien said.

Lien would not comment on the amount each were receiving for the episodes.

The Internet Movie Database website ( currently has descriptions for four of the pair's shows.

The first episode is self-titled and describes the show as a "very funny 'how-to' series," hosted by its creators, Mooselodge (Sanders) and Goosebump (Lien).

Episode two is titled "Mission Chicken," an episode where the duo are ready to celebrate their friend Chicken's birthday, but Chicken is missing, forcing the duo to find him.

Episode three is titled "Beaver Fishing," where Mooselodge and Goosebump travel to the farthest part of "Moosebump Valley" to hunt for a family of beavers. However, the description of the show says that the duo have been dooped, as they are the ones being hunted.

The final episode listed on is called "Camping." According to the site, the duo decide to get back in touch with their primitive roots on a camping trip, only to discover that animals are more civilized than they are.

"I think people liked our original stuff better," Sanders lamented.

Sanders and Lien won AOL's Be A Red Star video competition earlier this year, giving them the opportunity to film their creation.

The original show was 12 minutes in length and the two downloaded it onto 2C Media, Inc., Executive Producer Tim Hamilton saw the video on the website and suggested the pair enter the contest. The first show saw Mooselodge and Goosebump performing a deer hunting instructional video with lots of jokes smeared in between. Props in the video included a spear and a fake deer head. They also recruited fellow classmate Ben Wilson to run around in the video with the deer head in front of him.

They were awarded $10,000 for winning the contest.

After winning the contest, the pair took a week off from school to film the show. They filmed scenes for the show at the DePauw University Nature Park, Brazil, Cataract Lake and various locations in Greencastle.

Recently, Lien said he's spotted Internet advertisements for the show, something he did not expect.

"Everywhere I've looked, we've popped up," he said.

Sanders said having the opportunity to film the episodes has been a delight.

"Overall, it's been a really good experience," he said.

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