GHS earns first sectional title in 22 years

Monday, February 19, 2007
South Putnam's Ben Parker finished with six points in the Eagles 81-42 loss to Owen Valley on Friday.

CRAWFORDSVILLE -- Entering the Crawfordsville Swimming Sectional meet Saturday, the Greencastle boys' team had not won a Sectional title since 1985.

Determining the team winner would come down to the final event of the meet, an emotional 400-yard freestyle relay, in which the Greencastle relay team needed to place well. And it did as Greencastle defeated Crawfordsville for the Sectional title by nine points, 273.5-to-264.5

Other Putnam County schools also did very well in the meet with South Putnam ending up seventh with 75 points, and North Putnam placing 12th with 25 points, and Putnam County swimmers and divers performed at season and lifetime best efforts.

Greencastle's 200-yard medley relay team of Luke Crimmins, Dustin Wood, Miles Salman, and Luiz Cardoso placed second. The 200-yard freestyle relay team of Cardoso, William Dory, Nick Stevens, and Mark Jedele placed third. The 400-yard freestyle relay team of Dory, Salman, Stevens, and Jedele placed third.

Individually, Stevens placed fourth in 200-yard freestyle, followed by Jedele and Austin Woodall in fifth and eighth in that event. Dory, Salman, and Dustin Wood placed second, third, and sixth in the 200-yard individual medley. Crimmins and Adam Clute placed third and ninth in the 50-yard freestyle. Cardoso and Salman placed seventh and eighth in the 100-yard butterfly. Dory and Ryan Payne placed fifth and tenth in the 100-yard freestyle event. Stevens, Jedele, and Austin Woodall placed third, fourth, and fifth in the 500-yard freestyle. Crimmins, Anthony Paul, and Clute placed third, sixth, and ninth in the 100-yard backstroke. Dustin Wood, Cardoso, and Payne placed second, fourth, and seventh in the 100-yard breaststroke.

Finally, Paul placed fifth in the 1-meter diving event.

"We ran a scenario based on the prelims, not quite knowing what diving was going to be, and we figured that it was going to be a one point meet," Greencastle coach Paul Bretscher said after the meet. "We improved on our scenario a little bit, especially early in the meet. We knew that even when we were 30 points behind, that by our scenario, we were ahead.

"No one panicked and everyone was pretty enthusiastic. This team has lived on depth. Frankfort and Crawfordsville will score a lot of points at the state meet, but they don't have our depth," added Bretscher

South Putnam's 200-yard medley relay team of Darrick Grundlock, Brice Johnson, Cory McCallie, and Jon Weaver placed seventh. The 200-yard freestyle relay team of Clark Becker, Weaver, Loren Ashcraft, and Chris Smiley placed sixth. The 400-yard freestyle relay team of Becker, Heath Pruitt, McCallie, and Smiley placed sixth.

Individually for South Putnam, McCallie and Johnson placed 10th and 11th in the 200-yard individual medley. Jon Weaver placed ninth in the 1-meter diving event. McCallie placed ninth in the 100-yard butterfly. Becker placed seventh in the 100-yard freestyle event. Johnson placed eighth in the 100-yard breaststroke.

"I'm really happy with everybody," commented South Putnam coach Joe Condon. "Relays did great as all three relays improved. Individually, Clark Becker won the 100-free in the consolation and Brice Johnson's breaststroke and IM, and Cory McCallie's butterfly and IM were all improvements.

"Finally, Jon Weaver took some big steps with his diving today."

North Putnam's 200-yard medley relay team of Kyle Smith, Patrick Byrd, Russell Huffer, and Brian Rhoden placed 11th, the 200-yard freestyle relay team of Christopher Pierce, Scott Williams, Brenton McGaughey, and Rhoden placed 11th, and the 400-yard relay team of Jeffrey Taggart, Pierce, Smith, and Jon Taggart placed 10th.

Individually, Rhoden placed sixth in the 1-meter diving event. Byrd placed 12th in the 100-yard butterfly and the 100-backstroke.

"I'm happy with our kids," commented North Putnam coach Wes Richardson. "We have improved tremendously, and with every meet, we've had personal bests out of several athletes.

"I'm really pleased with Brian Rhoden. He has improved so much from the start of the season and if he hadn't had a miss on one dive today, he would have advanced."

At Crawfordsville

Sectional Swimming Finals

Team Results -- 1. Greencastle 273.5, 2. Crawfordsville 264.5, 3. Frankfort 229, 4. Clinton Central 113, 5. Fountain Central 103, 6. North Montgomery 101, 7. South Putnam 75, 8. Southmont 63, 9. South Vermillion 52, 10. Attica 47, 11. Seeger 41, 12. North Putnam 25.

200 Medley Relay - 1. Crawfordsville 1:40.34; 2. Greencastle (Luke Crimmins, Dustin Wood, Miles Salman, Luiz Cardoso) 1:43.69; 7. South Putnam (Darrick Grundlock, Brice Johnson, Cory McCallie, Jon Weaver) 1:52.93; 11. North Putnam (Kyle Smith, Patrick Byrd, Russell Huffer, Brian Rhoden) 2:01.82

200 Freestyle - 1. Snyder (Frankfort) 1:46.62; 4. Nick Stevens (Greencastle) 1:53.86; 5. Mark Jedele (Greencastle) 1:54.24; 8. Austin Woodall (Greencastle) 1:59.88

200 IM - 1. Hobson (Crawfordsville) 1:55.82; 2. William Dory (Greencastle) 2:11.69; 3. Miles Salman (Greencastle) 2:11.83; 6. Dustin Wood (Greencastle) 2:14.99; 10. Cory McCallie (South Putnam) 2:23.55; 11. Brice Johnson (South Putnam) 2:24.89

50 Freestyle - 1. Baugh (Frankfort) 21.64; 3. Luke Crimmins (Greencastle) 22.09; 9. Adam Clute (Greencastle) 23.44

1 Meter Diving - 1. Spurlock (Crawfordsville) 424.70; 5. Anthony Paul (Greencastle) 311.05; 6. Brian Rhoden (North Putnam) 309.75; 9. Jon Weaver (South Putnam) 276.85

100 Butterfly - 1. Current (Fountain Central) 51.40; 7. Luiz Cardoso (Greencastle) 1:00.43; 8. Miles Salman (Greencastle) 1:01.55; 9. Cory McCallie (South Putnam) 1:02.45; 12. Patrick Byrd (North Putnam) 1:04.30

100 Freestyle - 1. Snyder (Frankfort) 48.47; 5. William Dory (Greencastle) 52.58; 7. Clark Becker (South Putnam) 52.11; 10. Ryan Payne (Greencastle) 53.68

500 Freestyle - 1. Winn-Turner (Southmont) 5:02.52; 3. Nick Stevens (Greencastle) 5:12.78; 4. Mark Jedele (Greencastle) 5:14.15; 5. Austin Woodall (Greencastle) 5:29.63

200 Freestyle Relay - 1. Frankfort 1:29.95; 3. Greencastle (Luiz Cardoso, William Dory, Nick Stevens, Mark Jedele) 1:33.85; 6. South Putnam (Clark Becker, Jon Weaver, Loren Ashcraft, Chris Smiley) 1:37.07; 11. North Putnam (Christopher Pierce, Scott Williams, Brenton McGaughey, Brian Rhoden) 1:45.10

100 Backstroke - 1. Hobson (Crawfordsville) 52.13; 3. Luke Crimmins (Greencastle) 56.14; 6. Anthony Paul (Greencastle) 1:01.03; 9. Adam Clute (Greencastle) 1:01.96; 12. Patrick Byrd (North Putnam) 1:05.33

100 Breaststroke - 1. Baugh (Frankfort) 1:02.16; 2. Dustin Wood (Greencastle) 1:04.00; 4. Luiz Cardoso (Greencastle) 1:05.12; 7. Ryan Payne (Greencastle) 1:06.27; 8. Brice Johnson (South Putnam) 1:08.48

400 Freestyle Relay - 1. Frankfort 3:23.06; 3. Greencastle (William Dory, Miles Salman, Nick Stevens, Mark Jedele) 3:30.36; 6. South Putnam (Clark Becker, Heath Pruitt, Cory McCallie, Chris Smiley) 3:44.52; 10. North Putnam (Jeffrey Taggart, Christopher Pierce, Kyle Smith, Jon Taggart) 3:59.78.

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