Hyten is first to roll an 800 at Alex Alleys

Thursday, March 22, 2007
House series record holder Mike Hyten bowls recently at Alex Alleys in Greencastle. Hyten rolled one 300 game en route to an 819 series.

GREENCASTLE -- On March 8, Mike Hyten became the first person to roll an 800 series at Alex Alleys after rolling an 819.

There have been a number of 700 series by men and only one by a woman, Marty Teipen, during the 54 years the center has been at Jackson Street, but previously no 800. In setting the record, Hyten also rolled the 13th perfect 300 game in the center's history. His games were 262-300-257.

Hyten has bowled for around 14 years. Thirteen years ago, when he married Tina (Alex) Chad, he married into a bowling family. He said this is how he learned bowling is a family sport, no matter one's age. He added, from Papa Bob Hampton (Tina's Grandfather), to Charles and Jenny Alex (his father- and mother-in-law) to Rob Alex (his brother-in-law), they have emphasized how bowling is a family event.

Hyten also wished to express to all adults how important youth bowlers are to the sport. He and Tina have three children currently in the youth bowling program. Bowling is a sport in which you compete as a team, yet can get individual recognition as well. No one sits the bench in bowling; everyone is competing.

Upon breaking the record, Hyten said he was not really aware of the chance to break it. What he was thinking about in the second game was how his teammate, Jerry Spackman, had beat him in the first game with a 276. Spackman said he got so caught up in Hyten's chance to break the record that he lost his concentration. The other teammates, Danny Wallace, Kevin Harrigan and Robert Williamson, held up their parts to give the team a series of 3,724, the high team series rolled at Alex Alleys.

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