Greencastle's Joe Liechty wins division at Mini-Marathon

Tuesday, May 8, 2007
Joe Liechty

INDIANAPOLIS -- Saturday's 500 Festival Mini-Marathon saw more than 35,000 people take to the streets of Indianapolis to conquer the 13.1 mile course. While Kenyan runners dominated the front-runners, with Joseph Chirlee and Janet Cherobon winning the men's and women's races, respectively, Putnam County had more than its share of runners in the event.

Chief among these was Greencastle resident Joe Liechty. The 69-year-old Liechty completed the course in 1:38:52 to finish 1,361st overall. However, the time was good enough to make Liechty tops among men 65-69 years old.

"I was tickled to death," Liechty said of winning. "It's just exciting to run because there are so many people there."

This is the fourth time to compete in the Mini for Liecthy, who did not take up running until he was 60. He had gone to the doctor thinking he had heart trouble. The doctor told him his heart was fine, but he needed to exercise more. He took up running and the racing started soon thereafter.

"Someone invited me to compete in a 5K race, and I thought, 'That was fun.' I've been doing it about nine years now," Liechty said.

Putnam County's top overall finisher was Jim Benedix of Greencastle, who placed 1000th overall with a time of 1:35:49.

Top female finisher was Cloverdale's Jenna Lewis, who completed the course in a time of 1:52:02 for 4,369th overall and 847th among females.

While high finishes and low times are a goal of many of the competitors, completing a course of this link at all is a commendable achievement. The following is a list, by city or town, of Putnam County race participants.

At Indianapolis

Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon

Bainbridge -- Megan Pearson, Mackenzie Pearson, Jenna Hauger, Robert Hensley, Laurie Hensley, Susan Miles, Carmen Branson, Holly Hauger.

Cloverdale -- Jenna Lewis, Traci Sharp, Larry Hall, Jamie Hubbard, Donna Keefer, Danielle Speedy, Byron Hobbs, Mark Couch, Kally Knudson, Terri Winnick, Michael Lewis, Katrina Lewis, Donna Patrick, Dawn Dale, Shirley Sublett, Jill Rice, Stephanie Elkin.

Fillmore -- Steve Anderson, John Mace, Tami Parker, Regina Ames, Suzanne Huber, Trudy Goodpaster, Margaret Smith, Rick Spears, Jean Spears, Tonya Vandiver.

Greencastle -- Jim Benedix, Joe Liechty, Jacob Gross, Jeff McCall, David Guinee, Richard Fitzsimmons, Martin Romer, Matt Strautman, Jeni Pohlar, Brandon Funk, Mareen Mohan, Projjol Banerjea, Jane Best, Projesh Bannerjea, Kate Stiemann, John Ramsey, Janet Vaglia, Rhonda Brotherton, Anna Harmless, Tammy King, Denee Erwin, Melissa Parker, Kacie Chase, Rebecca Upton, David Newman, Keith Nelson, Steve Buhr, Brett Scheuermann, Luke Chase, Mathew Gruenholz, Joseph Heithaus, Jennifer Heithaus, Emily Lowe, Amy Wells, Alan Brooker, Jessica Hollar, Angela Weeks, Linda Daugherty, Jessica Keith, Clay Spencer, Ross Kirkman, Christopher Weeks, Cy Spencer, Bart Spencer, Bennett Jackson, Kelly Campbell, Arther Dwigans, Janet Dwigans, Lara Tretera, Holly Wiram, Jeanie Kirkman, Linda Pingleton, Jennifer Plew, Karen Critchlow, Nicole Bullard, Ruth Bernsee, Lee Schoenfeld, Sue Schoenfeld.

Roachdale -- Michelle Spencer, Jennifer Day, Troy Trout, Chet Clodfelter, Thomas Coleman, Eugene Ostachuk, Stacy Buser, Benjamin Fuchs, Rexanne Fuchs, Ericka Keil.

Russellville -- Mitchell Proctor, Judith Proctor, Heide Deters.

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