GHS girls' track puts team first

Saturday, May 12, 2007
Greencastle's Laura Weatherford hands off to Jamie Patterson in the 400 relay. The team of Megan Clodfelter, Weatherford, Patterson and Laura English set a new WCC Meet record with a time of 49.20.

The Greencastle girls' track team turned in a dominating performance Friday night at the West Central Conference meet, winning 10 of 16 events, including all six regular running events. GHS finished with 158 points. Monrovia was a distant second with 106.

Tiger Cubs' coach Garry Anderson was pleased with many of his performances, but was even more happy with how his girls act as teammates.

"It's team. These kids believe in their team," Anderson said.

In terms of actual race performances, Anderson gave a mixed review.

"We had some good races. We had some down races," he said.

Highlighting the good races for the Tiger Cubs was the 400 relay team that set a WCC Meet record of 49.20. The team of Megan Clodfelter, Laura Weatherford, Jamie Patterson and Laura English broke a record set by Danville in 1988.

"Our 400 relay was a very nice race. Laura English ran a very nice anchor. Megan Clodfelter got us off to a very good start," Anderson said.

Weatherford and Patterson were also individual champions, with Weatherford winning both the 200 and 400 and Patterson winning the 100.

Also winning multiple events for the Tiger Cubs was Hannah Serlin, who claimed both the 800 and 1,600. Kaitlyn Murtaugh's victory in the 3,200 was the other individual running win for GHS.

Greencastle's 1,600 relay team of Clodfelter, Bethany Schroeder, Serlin and Weatherford also brough home a championship.

In field events, Jennie Peart's pole vault of 8 feet 6 inches also established a new WCC record. Schroeder also won in the field, with a long jump of 16'3".

In his final assessment of the night, Anderson was pleased with how his girls responded to a big meet.

"I'm very proud of my girls. They know I have high expectations, and they stive very hard to meet those expectations," he said.

For South Putnam, two championships came from the legs of hurlder Shelby Johnston, who claimed victory in both the 100 and 300 hurdles.

For Cloverdale, the lone victory came from high jumper Brynlea Mattocks.

At South Putnam

West Central Conference Track Meet

Girls' Results

Greencastle 129, Monrovia 106, Speedway 62, Cascade 60, Cloverdale 52, South Putnam 50, North Putnam 8

100 -- Patterson (Gc) 12.83, L. English (Gc) 13.29, Dillon (Mon) 13.39, Paschall (Spd) 13.61, Bridges (Spd) 13.53, Higgins (Cl) 13.78

200 -- Weatherford (Gc) 26.83, clodfelter (Gc) 27.73, Paschall (Spd) 27.97, Higgins (Cl) 28.06, Bridges (Spd) 28.64, M. English (Cas) 29.23

400 -- Weatherford (Gc) 1:00.69, Smith (Mon) 1:01.80, Shields (Mon) 1:04.12, Mattocks (Cl) 1:05.01, McGaughey (NP) 1:05.87, Bettis (Cl) 1:07.65

800 -- Serlin (Gc) 2:28.43, Shields (Mon) 2:34.07, Martinez (Gc) 2:38.47, Williams (Cas) 2:44.04, Wehr (Spd) 2:47.11, McCallie (Cl) 2:48.25

1,600 -- Serlin (Gc) 5:37.03, S. Egold (SP) 6:01.02, Williams (Cas) 6:01.22, Culler (Gc) 6:06.43, Wehr (Spd) 6:08.83, Hildenbrand (Mon) 6:10.08

3,200 -- Murtaugh (Gc) 12:51.85, S. Egold (SP) 12:55.15, Lewis (Cl) 13:05.03, Pence (Cas) 13:13.14, Hildenbrand (Mon) 13:18.18, Culler (Gc) 13:49.58

100 H -- Johnston (SP) 16.68, Winkler (Cas) 16.67, Burnell (Spd) 16.91, Koosman (Cl) 17.45, Soster (Gc) 17.48, English (Cas) 18.06

300 H -- Johnston (Sp) 19.31, Standeford (Mon) 50.04, Burnell (Spd) 50.41, Soster (Gc) 50.88, Winkler (Cas) 50.98, Koosman (Cl) 51.91

400 R -- Greencastle (Clodfelter, Weatherford, Patterson, English) 49.20*, Speedway 53.80, Monrovia 53.27, Cascade 55.37, North Putnam (Brock, Huelsmann, McGaughey, Wendling) 55.57, Cloverdale (Rightmyer, Law, Miller, Higgens) 56.97, South Putnam (Haynes, R. Egold, Searles, Butts) 57.11

1,600 R -- Greencastle (Clodfelter, Schroeder, Serlin, Weatherford) 4:11.63, Monrovia 4:30.90, Speedway 4:40.75, Cascade 4:33.99, North Putnam (McGaughey, Wendling, Mimms, Brock) 4:37.62, Cloverdale (Hodgkiss, Pina, Bettis, Mattocks) 4:43.13, South Putnam (Wood, Haynes, Martin, R. Egold) 4:52.51

3,200 R -- Monrovia (McNelis, Porter, Shields, Dorsett) 10:26.68, Greencastle (Serlin, Culler, Murtaugh, Martinez) 10:28.32, South Putnam (Croan, S. Egold, Martin, R. Egold) 11:01.02, Speedway 11:03.15, Cloverdale (Lewis, McCallie, Bettis, Williams) 11:22.20, Cascade 11:44.09, North Putnam (Alles, Small, Salyers, Martin) 13:12.75

HJ -- Mattocks (Cl) 5-01, Koosman (Cl) 5-01, Standeford (Mon) 5-01, Johnston 5-01, Good (Gc) 4-08, Preecs (NP) 4-08.

PV -- Peart (Gc) 8-06*, Able 7-03, Huelsmann (Cas) 7-00, Parsons (Spd) 7-00, Whitford (Mon) 6-00, Porter (Mon) 6-00, Voils (Spd) 6-00

LJ -- Schroeder (Gc) 16-03, M. English (Cas) 16-02, Dillon (Mon) 15-08, Wehr (Spd) 14-10, Liggett (Spd) 14-09, Norlin (Gc) 14-00

SP -- Pettijohn (Mon) 37-00, Cheatham (Cl) 36-01, Gannaway (Gc) 35-10, Nease (Cas) 34-03, Williams (Gc) 34-00, Engel (Mon) 30-02

D -- Pettijohn (Mon) 96-01, Engel (Mon) 92-06.5, Williams (Gc) 84-05, Searles (SP) 83-04, Tierney (Spd) 82-04.5, Preecs (NP) 80-08

*WCC Meet Record

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