Greencastle boys' track claims WCC title

Saturday, May 12, 2007
Greencastle's David Cath, Cloverdale's Kabe Mattocks, South Putnam's Allen Riddell, Cloverdale's Nick Keefer and North Putnam's Tim Mason top the first set of hurdles in the 110 hurdles. Riddell won both the 110 and 300 hurdle events, avenging losses to Mattocks and Keefer at Tuesday's county meet.

After his team claimed the West Central Conference track title Friday night at South Putnam, Greencastle boys' track coach Mike Schimpf was grinning from ear to ear.

"It was great fun," Schimpf said. "I'm so happy for the seniors especially."

Schimpf and his team had a lot to get excited about on Friday night. The finished with 129 points, 35 ahead of second-place Cascade, and seven event wins out of 16.

The Tiger Cubs were paced by the running of senior Andy Weatherford. Weatherford's 1,600 time of 4:18.01 beat the old WCC Meet record time by more than four seconds. His 800 time of 1:58.59 bested teammate Ty Buchanan by more than six seconds.

"I was so happy for Andy to be able to do so well," Schimpf said.

Weatherford was also part of the 1,600 meter relay championship team, anchoring a team that also included Steven Miller, Camron Humphreys and Joel Bottom.

Other winners for the Tiger Cubs included Humphreys in the 400, Mark Jedele in the 3,200 and Bottom in the long jump. The 3,200 relay team of Ben Wilson, Luis Cardos, Buchanan and Humpreys also claimed victory.

"It was just a good night," Schimpf said.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night came in the boys' 400 relay. At the Putnam County meet, South Putnam beat Greencastle down the stretch. The two looked to be poised for another battle at WCC, coming in as the top two seeds. However, it was the North Putnam team of Jarrett Ban, Kyle Rooker, Griffin Dahlstrom and Craig Wood that came from the sixth seed to win the event. Rooker and Dahlstrom are also on the Cougars' baseball team, and therefore do not compete in track full time. Cougar coach Kevin Lutes was pleased to have their contributions on this evening.

"I was proud of my 400 team," Lutes said.

For South Putnam, both of their event wins on the night came from hurdler Allen Riddell. Riddell came into both the 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles as the second seed to Cloverdale hurdlers Kabe Mattocks and Nick Keefer, respectively. In each of these two races at Tuesday's Putnam County meet, Riddell had lost to his Clover rival by .01 seconds. There was no such hard luck on Friday evening.

"Riddell did well. Champion in two events, that's pretty good, being a junior," said South Putnam coach Carl Coons.

For Cloverdale, the lone win came in the shot put from Dylan Stone, who threw 48 feet 3 inches.

At South Putnam

West Central Conference Track Meet

Boys' Results

Greencastle 129, Cascade 94, Cloverdale 63, Speedway 57.5,

North Putnam 57, Monrovia 47.5, South Putnam 47

100 -- Brooks (Mon) 11.53, Fisher (Cas) 11.56, Wood (NP) 11.79, Sanders (SP) 11.83, Marshall (Gc) 11.86, Dahlstrom (NP) 12.01

200 -- Fisher (Cas) 23.33, Brooks (Mon) 23.53, Marshall (Gc) 23.73, Bottom, (Gc) 23.93, Rooker (NP) 24.39, Terry (SP) 24.40

400 -- Humphreys (Gc) 52.28, Wood (NP) 52.60, Short (Cas) 54.06, Mims, Spd) 54.75, Flora (SP) 55.38, Rosebrough (Spd) 55.47

800 -- Weatherford (Gc) 1:58.59, Buchanon (Gc) 2:05.00, Riley (Cas) 2:09.87, McLaughlin (NP) 2:14.90, Short (Cas) 2:16.00, Martin (Spd) 2:17.34

1,600 -- Weatherford (Gc) 4:18.01*, Jedele (Gc) 4:46.70, Holt (Cas)4:53.13, Hacker (Cas) 4:53.20, Standeford (Mon) 5:07.04, Bates (Spd) 5:08.06

3,200 -- Jedele (Gc) 10:28.00, Wilson (Gc) 10:35.90, Holt (Cas) 10:46.56, Hacker (Cas) 10:47.15, Dirlam (Mon) 11:22.88, Bates (Spd) 11:28.84

110 H -- Riddell (SP) 16.44, Mattocks (Cl) 16.57, Keefe r (Cl) 17.00, Washburn (Spd) 17.71, Lewellen (Cas) 17.91, Deer (Gc) 18.00

300 H -- Riddell (SP) 41.85, Mattocks (Cl) 42.85, Keefer, 43.09, Mason (NP) 43.82, Cath (Gc) 44.79, Deer (Gc) 44.82

400 R -- North Putnam (Ban, Rooker, Dahlstrom, Wood) 45.05, Greencastle (Miller, Bottom, Birt, Marshall) 45.33, Monrovia 45.69, South Putnam (Terry, Flora, Miller, Sanders) 45.75, Speedway 46.05, Cloverdale (Mattocks, Neese, Boller, C. Cheatham) 47.12

1,600 R -- Greencastle (Miller, Humphreys, Bottom, Weatherford) 3:33.77, Cascade 3:41.95, Speedway 3:43.08, Cloverdale (Neese, Gray, Mattocks, C. Cheatham) 4:43.65, South Putnam (Flora, Terry, Miller, Bowen) 3:45.32

3,200 R -- Greencastle (Wilson, Cardoso, Buchanan, Humphreys) 8:47.15, Cascade 9:03.47, Monrovia 9:17.55, Speedway -9:30.06, South Putnam (Rossetti, Toland, Ashcraft, Parker) 9:31.66, Cloverdale (Bain, Stout, Gary, McCallie) 10:35.06

HJ -- Linville (Spd) 6-02, C. Cheatham (Cl) 6-01, Hickam (Gc) 6-01.00, Lewis (Gc) 6-00, Grismore (Mon) 5-11, Fishel (Mon) 5-10, Mims (Spd) 5-10

PV -- Dillon (Mon) 12-00, Wagner (Spd) 11-00, Short (Cas) 10-06, Redman (SP) 9-06, Nelson (SP) 9-06, Jedele (Gc) 9-06

LJ -- Bottom (Gc) 21-04, Ban (NP) 20-06.25, C. Cheatham (Cl) 20-04.25, Trinkle (Cl) 19-09.5, Young (NP) 19-09, Grismore (Mon) 19-07.25

SP -- Stone (Cl) 48-03, Hall (Spd) 48-02, Bernhardt (Cas) 47-08, Dahlstrom (NP) 44-07, Avance (Spd) 43-03, B. Cheatham (Cl) 41-05

D -- Bernhardt (Cas) 145-11, Dahlstrom (NP) 127-00, Masters (SP) 125-10, Miller (Spd) 118-05, Guthrie (Cas) 115-02, Harmon (Spd) 113-01.5

* -- WCC Meet Record

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