City to embark on water line project

Friday, June 1, 2007

The year is 1887.

The United States Senate enters into an agreement to lease Pearl Harbor.

In the same year, the first minor league baseball association is formed in Pittsburgh and the first transcontinental train arrives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

What do these events have to do with Greencastle?

While all this was going on, workers back in Greencastle were busy putting the finishing touches on an underground pipe that would provide essential water service to the rural community.

Fast forward 120 years to city officials who say that time has taken its toll on the line and a major makeover is in order.

This week, the city began on an extensive, $746,000 project to revitalize the old line and hopefully cut back on leaks and problems that come with a century-old pipe.

There are three main lines that run underground from the water plant, according to plant Superintendent Terry Dale.

The city is going to replace one of them, which is expected to take about six weeks.

Officials hope the project will have little impact on businesses and residents in the community because most of the work will be done underground.

Dale explained that the new pipe will be placed directly inside the existing pipe.

A machine will push the new pipe through the old one.

The new pipe is 10 inches in diameter while the old one is 12 inches.

Crews will probably have to dig up the pipe in some areas around town, Dale said, but most of the work will be done without disturbing the topsoil.

Much of the pipe runs inside the street right-of-way.

Traffic on some city streets could be interrupted during the project, Dale said.

Last week, the Board of Works approved Midwest Trenching Services to do the work.

The city intends to pay for the project with money that was set aside in 2003 following refinancing of loans.

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