School menus week of Aug. 14-27

Friday, August 10, 2007


Tuesday -- Buffalo spicy chicken sandwich or cheeseburger, CHS; nachos and cheese or cheeseburger, CES, CMS.

Wednesday -- Pork sandwich or corndog, CHS; turkey wraps or hot dog, CES, CMS.

Thursday -- Turkey manhattan or country fried steak, CHS; pizza or chicken nuggets, CES, CMS.

Friday -- Hot ham and cheese or fish sandwich, CHS; chicken or fish sandwich, CES, CMS.

* * *


Tuesday -- Pizza, oven baked fries, side salad, fruit.

Wednesday -- Turkey sub sandwich, veggie and dip, baked chips, fruit.

Thursday -- Chicken patty with mashed potatoes, carrot coins, pan rolls, fruit.

Friday -- Mozarella sticks, potato stars, cantaloupe and grapes, brownie.

Breakfast -- Yogurt and teddy grahams, Tuesday; biscuit and gravy, Wednesday; french toast sticks, Thursday; breakfast on a stick, Friday.

* * *

North Putnam

Tuesday -- Pizza, chicken, carrot sticks with dip, peaches, cookie at elementaries; pizza, chicken sandwich, pasta salad, green beans, fruit, NPMS, NPHS.

Wednesday -- Chicken nuggets, wheat roll, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, fruits at elementaries; country beef steak, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit/veggies, wheat roll, NPMS, NPHS.

Thursday -- Ham and cheese sandwich, pork and beans, peas, orange smiles at elementaries; mini sub sandwich, grilled chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, fruit/veggies, NPMS, NPHS.

Friday -- Ravioli, breadstick, green beans, lettuce salad, fruit at elementaries; chicken nuggets, cheeseburger, cheesy potatoes, peas/fruit, breadstick and cheese, NPMS, NPHS.

Breakfast -- French toast sticks, Monday; biscuits and gravy, Tuesday; breakfast pizza, Thursday; egg and cheese biscuit, Friday.

* * *

South Putnam

Tuesday -- Chicken nuggets at all elementaries; breaded chicken patty, high school.

Wednesday -- Cheeseburger at Central, barbecue rib sandwich at Reelsville, Corndog at Fillmore; cold cut sandwich at high school.

Thursday -- Corn dogs at Central, salisbury steak at Reelsville and Fillmore; mini corn dogs at high school.

Friday -- Pizza at Central and Reelsville, hotdog at Fillmore; barbecue rib sandwich at high school.

Breakfast -- Menu varies at all schools.

* * *

Area 30 Career Center

Tuesday -- Cheesebur-ger or chicken patty, pickle spear, chips, fruit.

Wednesday -- Country friedsteak or salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, fruit, roll.

Thursday -- Taco salad on chips, corn, fruit choice, salsa, sour cream.

Friday -- Corn dog, potato wedges, broccoli and cheese, fruit.

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