Artistic horse adds color to north side of square

Saturday, September 15, 2007
Greencastle attorney Bob Perry stands in front of his downtown office Thursday with a horse sculpture he recently purchased at an auction benefiting the Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute.

A horse is a horse -- of course, of course -- but few are more colorful or have attracted as much attention as than the one that recently took up residence on the north side of the courthouse square in Greencastle.

Passers by attorney Bob Perry's Franklin Street office Thursday afternoon couldn't help but stare at the nearly life-sized sculpture decorated with blue, green, yellow and pink paint standing proudly next to the front door. One person even pulled out a camera phone and snapped a picture of the striking steed before walking away with a smile.

"I just though we could use some art here on the square," Perry gave as his reasoning for purchasing the horse at a recent auction at the Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute.

He toted his prized purchase home to Greencastle in the back of his Toyota Solara convertible, which brought some interesting stares from other drivers.

Perry said he is a lover of the arts and has made several trips to the museum. It was during one of those trips that he noticed this and other horses, made by a number of local artists, on public display throughout the city.

When it came time to auction off the troop of horses, Perry knew he had to get one. Proceeds from the event were given to the museum.

"I thought one would look good on the square," Perry said of the horse.

It stands just more than 4 feet tall and has a bright, yellow sunburst painted on its face. Its main body is robin egg blue and it has green legs.

The horse is mounted on a large, concrete slab and is emblazoned with a plaque that reads: "Untitled. Made by Katie McLiesch-Bredehoeft."

Perry believes he is the only person from Greencastle to buy one of the horses. He jokingly said he plans to keep it there "until Mayor Michael asks me to move it."

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