Vandalism at Taco Bell shattering

Monday, October 15, 2007
A large hole in one of the windows at the Greencastle Taco Bell Monday morning is evidence to a crime that occurred there earlier in the day. Restaurant workers arrived to find the hole on the west side of the building and a cinder block lying on a chair inside the dining room peppered with chards of broken glass.

The Greencastle Taco Bell restaurant advertises that it's open late, but apparently it wasn't late enough for someone who lobbed a concrete block through the west window of the store early Monday morning, causing an estimated $1,000 in damage.

The restaurant's general manager Sherry McCracken told the BannerGraphic that an employee left the restaurant at about 2:45 a.m. Monday, after closing for the day, and did not notice anything suspicious.

When a separate worker arrived later Monday morning to open the restaurant, they discovered a large window on the west side of the building had been smashed.

Inside the restaurant, a concrete block was found on one of the seats in the dining room and chards of glass littered the whole west side of the room. The Greencastle Police Department was called and Officer Terry Eastham responded to make a report.

He told the BannerGraphic that he found skid marks on the sidewalk next to where the window was broken, leading him to speculate that perhaps the suspect, or suspects, were backed up to the building when they threw the stone into the window.

Little other evidence was found, according to Eastham, leaving him without a suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call the Greencastle Police Department at 653-2925.

Meanwhile, McCracken and shift manager Brandi Cox were planning to clean up the mess and open the restaurant as normal - albeit a little late.

McCracken said she was disappointed that it appears someone took such action against the restaurant. She said she hoped that by letting the public know about the incident, it would stop any other businesses from experiencing the same thing.

So far Eastham said he is not aware of any other businesses being hit Monday morning. However, he said he took a report a couple of weeks ago where someone used a brick to smash a car window and steal items.

Eastham said he has no reason to believe the two acts are related.

McCracken said it did not appear there was anything taken from inside the restaurant.

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