College Corner approaching finish

Saturday, November 3, 2007
Workers install roofing on the new shopping center currently under construction across from Kroger in Greencastle Friday.

Developers of the new College Corner shopping center across from Kroger in Greencastle hope to complete a portion of the project by the end of November.

John F. Cunningham, president of his Frankfort, Ind., company John F. Cunningham and Associates, said he hopes to vacate his current Kork and Keg liquor store at the V-intersection of Indianapolis Road and Washington Street and move into his new store just to the east by the end of the month.

However, weather conditions or unforeseen delays in construction could move the project slightly later, he said.

"We're trying to get in before the holidays hit," Cunningham said.

His new liquor store is approximately 5,500 square feet and there are six other open, but smaller, stalls that will be available in the strip center.

Cunningham told the BannerGraphic Friday that he has received inquires from companies wanting to locate in the new shopping center, however, he is not far enough in the process to announce any names.

"We're very pleased with how it's going," Cunningham said.

The only other business that has publicly announced it is coming, if it is not obvious by the construction currently ongoing at the site, is a Family Video.

An update on that project is planned for a story in next week's BannerGraphic.

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