Letter to the Editor

Poll says it's been exaggerated

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The current online poll at www.bannergraphic .com asks readers "What do you think about Town-Gown relations?"

Of the 196 votes posted as of 9 p.m. Tuesday, the majority feel the issu has been exaggerated.

The results are:

* It's a big problem for the city and campus.: 23.5 percent (46 votes).

* It's been exaggerated.: 46.4 percent (91 votes).

* There is some tension.: 22.4 percent (44 votes).

* There is no tension.: 7.7 percent (15 votes).

The comments received include the following:

* I lived too close to the campus for too many years. Then it started getting closer and closer. I moved out of town to a quiet neighborhood where I don't have inconsiderate people playing their stereos at 2 o'clock in the morning, thinking everyone within four blocks wants to hear it.

* I'm tired of them kids running around like people don't even live here. They are visitors in our town, and they need to behave like decent guests. We all know that kids make mistakes, but come on now.

* I am going to perceive town-gown relations to be a communication process between elected officials and the community. There are many issues that need to be discussed and taken and action taken. This list is probably too long and exhaustive to list. It's about time we get away from the "good ole boys" type of government and get down to brass tacks of a uniformed local government.

* I have worked in different food service establishments over the years on campus and off and it is a major problem. There is about 15 percent, maybe, that are not arrogant or think they are better than you. The majority are rude and talk down to local residents all the time.

* There aren't too communities, town-gown. Rather there are diverse people each with something to share. One should not wait for the other to extend a hand in friendship.

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