Letter to the Editor

Property taxes still big issue for public

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To the Editor:

The property tax issues have not gone away. Unfortunately too many people are apathetic about the tax situation. What is it going to take to wake people up? Do you really think it is going to get better? Well unless you are in la la land you know it will not.

As always it is the middle class, the working people, who are paying the price. We simply have no representation. Will it take your property tax to triple before you see the light? Increasing the sales tax is the only good thing Daniel proposed. No it will not hurt the poor. They do not buy the big items and if they are really poor they receive food stamps and an unearned income credit when they file their federal taxes. The amount of this credit would amaze you.

This is no longer a government run by the people. It is run by the wealthy and corporate America. Have you ever noticed how the number of lobbyists have increased over the years? Why are the truckers exempt from paying sales tax? Why do the farmers receive such large subsidies? Why is gas so high? Why do we not have a national health program? The answer is simply one word, lobbyist. Sadly no one lobbies for the middle class.

Everything in this country is about money. Unless we wake up and take a stand we are doomed. It doesn't really matter which party is in office.

We need to get back to basics or we are going to crumble from within.

Bette Bertram