Greencastle bowlers support Giving Tree

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Together the Greater Greencastle USBC Association and Alex Alleys have donated over $400 to the Putnam County Giving Tree to help make some children's Christmas a little brighter.

Pattie Cash and Janet Cofer, two directors of the association, were able to shop for 21 names on the tree. Alex Alleys proprietor Janelle Alex is donating cash to the Giving Tree from the Bowl with Santa event that she and First National Bank are sponsoring on Dec. 22. There are still available spots for children ages 4-9 to sign up to bowl with Santa. Janelle can be contacted at 720-9757.

The Giving Tree is one of four charities that the local bowling association sponsors each year.


(As of Dec. 13)

Church League (Friday)

Team Wins Losses
Bethel Baptist 16020
Bethel Baptist 24535
Bainbridge Christian 14238
New Hope Fellowship3347
Open Hearts3248
Bainbridge Christian2 2852

High female scratch game -- Debbie Welch 158

High female scratch series -- Debbie Welch 396

High male scratch game -- Jerry Broadstreet 152

High male scratch series -- Chris Edwards 413

Collier Pee Wee Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
VFW Vipers6816
Dixie Chopper Gators5430
Haltom Electric Chargers5133
Mark Frisbie Flyers4638
Hopkins Rector Raptors4638
VFW Frogs4242
Gayla Schroeder Tigers4044
Collier Kangaroos3549

High female scratch game -- Megan Friars 82

High female scratch series -- Jalyn Duff 154

High male scratch game -- Brandon Workman 90

High male scratch series -- Josh Mienheartt 172

W.O.T.M. Bantam Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Carpenter Real Estate6816
Dixie Chopper Dolphins6618
VFW Buffaloes5232
AJ Electric Shockers5232
First Nat'l Bank Titans4935
Brady's Bombers4737
JL Cline Jewelers Jets4638
Dr. Hennette Blazers4440
Mason Jewelers Ravens4044
Bittles and Hurt Bats3846
Humphries Outdoor Power3252
VFW Mustangs2064

High female scratch game -- Miranda Nuz 161

High female scratch series -- Brittany Doolin 291

High male scratch game -- Austin Alspaugh 159

High male scratch series -- Duke Duff 314

Eagle's Junior Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Lucy's Ladies8131
Sheldon's Gutterrats8032
Alexander's Masonry7834
Colliers Rattlers7042
Alex Alleys6844
Cash Concrete6151
VFW Warriors6052
Stones Auto Body5260
Hacker's Hooligans5062
Colliers Sharks4963
Bumgardner's Racing4765
Well's Yankees4072
VFW Gladiators2290

High female scratch game -- Shayna Wahl 168

High female scratch series -- Shayna Wahl 444

High male scratch game -- J.T. Chadd 212

High male scratch series -- J.T. Chadd 606

3-D Tire & Service (Monday)

Team Wins Losses
Lawless Lawn Care9640
The Y-Nots8452
York Family Autos7957
Old Timers7264
Drama Mamas6472
Williams Body Shop5878
3-D Misfits3799

High team scratch game -- Old Timers 674

High team scratch series -- Old Timers 1,842

High individual game -- Janet Dickerson 210

High individual series -- Janet Dickerson 539

Men's City League (Monday)

Team Wins Losses
Ensor Electric9046
Little Dude Ranch8848
Alexander's Masonry6967
Whisker Biscuits6076
Moore's Bar5284
Go Getters4987

High team scratch game -- Whisker Biscuits 849

High team scratch series -- Alexander's Masonry 2,432

High individual game -- Dustan Lyons 204

High individual series -- Scott Alexander 568

Alex Alleys Ladies League (Tuesday)

Team Wins Losses
Farmer's Concrete, Inc.8361
Max's Barber Shop6975
Settles Accounting6678
Troy's Signs & Graphix6678
Bert & Betty's Bowlers6579

High team scratch game -- Farmer's Concrete 436

High team scratch series -- Farmer's Concrete 1,209

High individual game -- Jessica Dickerson 178

High individual series -- Cindy Korach 416

Automotive League (Tuesday)

Team Wins Losses
York Automotive8551
Koke Sum body8056
Chuck Bond Painting7462
JH Young, Attorney7066
J & BJ's Bait & Tackle7066
The Big Lewbowski6868
Git r' Done6967
Ed's Boys6967
Team 126076
Putnam Archery Sales5878
Tucker State Farm Ins.5878
Alex Alleys5482
10 Up 10 Down5284

High team scratch game -- Chuck Bond Painting 988

High team scratch series -- Chuck Bond Painting 2,750

High individual game -- Gary Coffer 233

High individual series -- Rob Alex 602

Sue Cash Memorial (Wednesday)

Team Wins Losses
Designer's Den10044
Frisbie's Security7866
Scared Strikeless7660
Family Ties7371
Perry Wainman DDS7272
First National Bank6678
Strahl Farm Machinery6678
Williams Trucking6480
Bowling Moms6084
Little Brooklyn Pizza6084

High team scratch game -- Marcy's 674

High team scratch series -- Designer's Den 1,893

High individual game -- Marty Giltz 234

High individual series -- Marty Giltz 605

Bubba Crawley Memorial (Wednesday)

Team Wins Losses
Brad's Team237211
Boom Booms233215
Cash Concrete231217
Alex Alleys228220
The Skittles199249
Lone Wolves198250

High team scratch game -- Alex Alleys 657

High team scratch series -- Alex Alleys 2,366

High individual game -- Rob Alex 277

High individual series -- Rob Alex 882

Thursday Morning Mixed (Thursday)

Team Wins Losses

High female scratch game -- Vanessa Mudd 203

High female scratch series -- Chris Nees 661

High male scratch game -- Frosty Brewer 237

High male scratch series -- Frosty Brewer 757

Commercial League (Thursday)

Team Wins Losses
Bowling Juice8452
AJ Electric7264
Stones Body Shop7264
Alexander's Masonry7264
Sea of Bs6670
Crazy Pins6274
Putnam Inn6274
Auto Shop6175
Payroll Express5284

High team scratch game -- Alexander's Masonry 1,021

High team scratch series -- Alexander's Masonry 2,860

High individual game -- Rob Alex 278

High individual series -- Rob Alex 714

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