Cox has week's high score in HS bowling

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Greencastle High School bowling team once again led all county teams with a series score of 1,489 at Putnam County High School Bowling League last Thursday.

South Putnam was second with a 1,374. Cloverdale placed third with a 1,118 and North Putnam was fourth with a 1,073.

Greencastle's Matthew Cox was high scorer with a 334 series. J.T. Chad of South Putnam was second with a 320. North's Clayton McMurtrey had a 316.

Jacob Ensor of Greencastle had fourth-highest score with a 301 and Cloverdale's Nick Monds and Greencastle's Cody Fulford tied for fifth with 297.

At Alex Alleys

Putnam County High School Bowling

Weekly team scores

South Putnam1,374
North Putnam 1,073

Weekly individual high games

Matthew Cox (GHS)195
Clayton McMurtrey (NP)188
Adam Hammond (SP)175
J.T. Chadd (SP)165
Nick Monds (Cl)163

Weekly individual high series

Matthew Cox (GHS)334
J.T. Chadd (SP)320
Clayton McMurtrey (NP)316
Jacob Ensor (GHS)301
Nick Monds (Cl)297
Cody Fulford (GHS)297


Greencastle 4,803

South Putnam 4,046

Cloverdale 3,580*

North Putnam 3,233

* Cloverdale team is composed of individuals from multiple schools

Individual averages

Cloverdale -- Nick Monds 148, Jeff Williams 126

Greencastle -- Michael Rumley 174, Matthew Cox 170, Hayden Rogers 158, Cody Fulford 149, Jacob Ensor 146

North Putnam -- Clayton McMurtrey 138, Ross Oliver 110, Cody Paul 104, Keven Crowe 103, Zach Navel 88

South Putnam -- J.T. Chadd 173, Travis Giannechini 141, Richard Bennett 125, Adam Hammond 122, Nick Bright 111

Floating substitutes -- Shayna Wahl 137, Karly Bumgardner 136, Bryant Lee Jr. 125, Sam Schlatter 108, Zach King 97, Patrick Allen 93, Brittney Cassada 90, Shawn Toth 84, Adam Zigler 76

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