GHS reclaims high school bowling lead

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Greencastle High School bowling team entered Thursday's competition with a two-and-a-half point lead in the conference over South Putnam. South started the contest by winning nine of the first 10 points.

Junior Travis Giannechini led the Eagles with 195, followed by J.T. Chadd with a 194 and Richard Bennett with 180. South won the first game 869-769.

GHS regrouped for the second game, calling on freshmen Hayden Rodgers and Matt Cox, who shot 223 and 220 respectively to earn all 10 possible points. The win delivered GHS the conference championship.

In other action, Cloverdale defeated North Putnam 17-3. North took three points in the first game led by Clayton McMurtrey with 153 but Cloverdale won the game by 16 pins to take seven points.

CHS seniors Raymond Monds and Jeff Williams led the team for a shutout in the second game.

Todd Fenwick won the open division by shooting a 334 series. He was followed by Zach King with a 283, Bryant Lee Jr. with 263 and Karly Bumgardner with a 249.

All bowlers will compete Wednesday in the singles division of the sectional. The teams will be in action Thursday for a chance of advancing to the regional in Evansville.


(As of 1-28-08)

Collier Pee Wee Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
VFW Vipers8028
Haltom Electric Chargers 7335
Dixie Chopper Gators7038
Gayla Schroeder Tigers6048
Mark Frisbie Flyers6048
VFW Frogs5850
Collier Kangaroos5256
Hopkins Rector Raptors4662

High female scratch game -- Megan Friars 80

High female scratch series -- Megan Friars 158

High male scratch game -- Brandon Workman 93

High male scratch series -- Mike Hamilton Jr. 175

W.O.T.M. Bantam Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Carpenter Real Estate8622
Dixie Chopper Dolphins8028
VFW Buffaloes7434
First Nat'l Bank Titans6741
AJ Electric Shockers6642
JL Cline Jewelers Jets6444
Brady's Bombers6147
Dr. Hennette Blazers5850
Humphries Outdoor Power5454
Bittles and Hurt Bats4464
Mason Jewelers Ravens4068
VFW Mustangs2286

High female scratch game -- Alex Fleming 137

High female scratch series -- Britany Doolin 250

High male scratch game -- Reggie Alex 170

High male scratch series -- Reggie Alex 327

Eagle's Junior Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Lucy's Ladies10143
Alexander's Masonry10044
Sheldon's Gutterrats9648
Alex Alleys8856
Colliers Rattlers8262
VFW Warriors8064
Cash Concrete7173
Bumgardner's Racing7173
Hacker's Hooligans6876
Stones Auto Body6876
Colliers Sharks6777
Well's Yankees6480
VFW Gladiators22122

High female scratch game -- Shayna Wahl 177

High female scratch series -- Shayne Wahl 437

High male scratch game -- Ray Stinson 257

High male scratch series -- Ray Stinson 654

3-D Tire & Service (Monday)

Team Wins Losses
Lawless Lawn Care10662
The Y-Nots10464
York Family Autos10266
Old Timers9870
Williams Body Shop8187
Drama Mamas8088
3-D Misfits45123

High team scratch game -- Old Timers 687

High team scratch series -- Old Timers 1,811

High individual game -- Janey Dickerson 200

High individual series -- Kathy Brown 523

Men's City League (Monday)

Team Wins Losses
Little Dude Ranch10860
Ensor Electric10662
Alexander's Masonry8187
Whisker Biscuits7890
Go Getters67101
Moore's Bar64104

High team scratch game -- Whisker Biscuits 825

High team scratch series -- Little Dude Ranch 2,533

High individual game -- Brian Moell 202

High individual series -- Scott Alexander 561

Sue Cash Memorial (Wednesday)

Team Wins Losses
Designer's Den12864
Frisbie's Security11478
Perry Wainman DDS10884
Scared Strikeless10488
Family Ties10389
First National Bank9894
Strahl Farm Machinery86106
Bowling Moms86106
Williams Trucking80112
Little Brooklyn Pizza76116

High team scratch game -- Family Ties 693

High team scratch series -- Family Ties 1,983

High individual game -- Tiffany Friars 212

High individual series -- Lya Crawley 573

Bubba Crawley Memorial


Team Wins Losses
Cash Concrete339301
Boom Booms339301
Brad's Team328312
Alex Alleys316324
The Skittles304336
Lone Wolves267373

High team scratch game -- Alex Alleys 606

High team scratch series -- Alex Alleys 2,326

High individual game -- Walt Marshall 235

High individual series -- Walt Marshall 801

Commercial League (Thursday)

Team Wins Losses
Bowling Juice12064
Alexander's Masonry10084
Neal Tire9589
Stone's Body Shop9292
AJ Electric9094
Sea of Bs8698
Putnam Inn84100
Crazy Pins80104
Payroll Express78106

High team scratch game -- Stones Body Shop 973

High team scratch series -- Bowling Juice 2,774

High individual game -- Dave VonTress 258

High individual series -- Gary Cofer 655

Jack and Jill's Mixed League (Sunday)

Team Wins Losses
Booms Booms6234
Jaws Team6234
Dopey Gang5046
Team Dennis4254
Willing and Disabled3660
Mamas and Papas3462

High team scratch game -- Jaws Team 679

High team scratch series -- Jaws Team 1,944

High individual game -- Male -- Michael Scroggins 235; Female -- Tine Hyten 193

High individual series -- Male -- Andy Muncie 649; Female -- Tina Hyten 495

Alex Alleys Church League (Friday)

Team Wins Losses
Bethel Baptist 17042
Bethel Baptist 26349
Bainbridge Christian 15854
New Hope Fellowship5359
Open Hearts4666
Bainbridge Christian 24666

High team scratch game -- Open Hearts 516

High team scratch series -- Open Hearts 1,469

High individual game -- Male -- Chris Huff 162; Female -- Patti Cash 154

High individual series -- Male -- Bill Hoke 411; Female -- Patti Cash 434

Alex Alleys Ladies (Tuesday)

Team Wins Losses
Farmers Concrete, Inc.10175
Bert and Betty's Bowlers9185
Settle's Accounting8492
Trey's Signs and Graphix8294
Max's Barber Shop7799

High team scratch game -- BannerGraphic 438

High team scratch series -- BannerGraphic 1,291

High individual game -- Jessica Dickerson 179

High individual series -- Jessica Dickerson 472

Pleasuretime (Sunday)

Team Wins Losses
Brad's Team6432
High Roller6333
The Family5244
Alley Masters4650
Double D's4254
Three of a Kind4056
Gutter Balls3462

High team scratch game -- High Rollers 694

High team scratch series -- High Roller 2,015

High individual game -- Male -- Troye Callahan 233; Female -- Shirley Brewer 198

High individual series -- Male -- Troye Callahan 581; Female -- Shirley Brewer 528

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