Letter to the Editor

NAACP grateful

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To the editor:

Many thanks are due to the many people who contributed in some way or other to the NAACP's very successful 44th Annual Freedom Fund dinner last Sunday, March 2, held at Gobin United Methodist Church. We were over 100 strong reflecting on the progress of our community and its great future.

Most were acknowledged at the dinner and in the program, but the contributions of the youth stars, while available on each table, were not confirmed in time to make it into the printed program.

So -- a big round of applause is due to each and every one of the students who sang, danced, played or did a reading for us. From North Putnam we had Sandy St. Victor, from Greencastle we had Janelle Huber, Robert Watson and Harriet Watson; from South Putnam we had Derek Dean, Morgan Cheatham, Aisa Terry and Sarah Cheatham, and from Depauw we had Julian Harrell, Stacy Sands, and the Gospel Choir. They were all wonderful. We have a LOT of talented and committed young people in Putnam County, and we certainly were made aware of it last Sunday night at Gobin.

A special note of appreciation goes to Becky Brothers, the counselor at South Putnam, for her help in recruiting the student participants from there, to all the businesses and individuals who sponsored ads in the booklet, and to all of you who attended the 44th annual Freedom Fund dinner of the Greencastle branch of NAACP. We hope to see you all again next year!

Rajai Bimbo,

president NAACP branch of Greencastle