Library board looks at Internet upgrade

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Putnam County Library board approved using funds from the Endowment Fund to add a T1 line at the library.

Director Alice Greenburg told board members the current T1 line is averaging 75 percent use with spikes to near capacity. This means that the Internet may slow down at peak periods.

A T1 line can carry about 192,000 bytes per second -- roughly 60 times more data than a normal residential modem. Generally, hundreds of users can easily share a T1 line comfortably.

The cost of adding a T1 is $7,800 per year. State funding is available to cover some of the cost.

"It all depends on how much money they have in the State Library Budget," added Greenburg.

Council members agreed to add the item into the budget and use the Endowment Fund if necessary.

In other business the council discussed

*Discussed the importance of the Capital Projects Fund Plan in relation to House Bill 1001 which concerns Capital Projects levies and caps in 2010.

*Reviewed reports showing use of the library Internet is up 37 percent from this time last year and up 11 percent in books from the same time last year.

*Looked over the new "Play Aways" which are similar to an IPOD or MP3 Player which is used as a portable listening book. They come with a cord to carry and are small enough to fit into a pocket. Headphones are available. The library is in the process of acquiring 10 Play Aways for patrons to borrow.

*Reviewed the Library's Annual Report, which contains highlights of the year

*Heard from Kathleen Harbison who voiced a concern about tree roots which were within 18 inches from her house foundation.

The tree is located on the northwest corner of the library property. The Building committee agreed to look into the issue and report on it at the next meeting.

The Putnam County Library Board meets on the last Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Kiwanis Room.

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