Memories abound at Moore's

Monday, April 21, 2008

When a business has been around since the mid 1940s, many a story can be told about the place.

That's exactly what can be said for Moore's Bar located at 17 South Indiana in Greencastle.

"If these walls could talk," says day to day operating owner Carolyn Hammond about the location.

Prior to Moore's Bar, the space was a tobacco shop where they rolled and sold cigars. Five full-time and four part-time people help to run things.

"We have entertainment in here with a guitar player on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We have open mic on Friday and Karoake on Saturday," says Carolyn.

For those not familiar, Moore's Bar is one of the oldest restaurant slash bars in town. T-shirts for sale state the place is the "Home of the Hangover," although the meaning may not be what people expect.

Although some may have had experiences with other hangovers the one, we are talking about is an ultra, big breaded pork tenderloin which is famous all over the country.

"We have had people drive 3,000 miles for a Hangover. It is our No. 1 request as far as food goes," says Carolyn.

Working with the people has been the best part for Carolyn. Even if she were to retire, she would still work with the public at least part-time.

"You see people at their best and see them at their worst too," she says.

This double-edged sword is tough to swallow at times.

"After being here so many years, I can't think of anything that people don't know, unless it would be the bar image is not what people think it would be," she says.

She adds, "This is a place where a group of ladies can come in, relax and enjoy themselves without any problems or anyone bothering them. We take good care of people and watch over them.

"We have been through three generations. We served grandparents, parents and now children. Things are rolling slowly over to even some grandchildren," says Carolyn of the people she meets.

"The DePauw students are very enjoyable to work with and they take care of themselves," she adds.

People who are 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Otherwise, you must be 21 to enter. Take-out orders can be called in.

The place may seem small to some, but the bar can actually hold up to 70 people at the bar, in booths or at tables. The hard to miss the metal ceiling was installed as a maintenance free option.

"It is coated aluminum and we have never had to replace it, just clean it," says Carolyn.

Another tradition is the annual upside down Christmas tree that appears each Holiday season.

"There was no other space to put it,"says Carolyn.

Running the show was not the original option for Carolyn, but when her parents Leroy and Inez Moore, the original owners, passed away, Carolyn and her sisters, Lois Steele and Jennalee Butts took over.

"My favorite memory is when the whole family was working here together. Now it has dwindled down to just me for about the last 10 years," she says.

What changes would she make? "If I was younger, I would probably try to expand. We need more room," says Carolyn.

She does say the bar/restaurant is still for sale for any willing buyers.

In her dad's day, things and people were easy to get along with. Now things can be a little tricky.

"There are more things to look out for. You don't know what are on peoples' agendas, when they come in," says Carolyn.

Moore's Bar is located at 17 South Indiana Street in Greencastle. Bar hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. The kitchen is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Call them at (765) 653-9939 to order take out. Don't forget to tell them you heard the Buzz.


Beth Arnold is a freelance contributor to the Banner-Graphic. Contact her at buzz