Bainbridge residents warned of latest scam

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Senior citizens in the Bainbridge area need to beware of the latest phone scam.

A few residents have called the Bainbridge Police Department to report someone saying they had won a large sum of money had contacted them. All the person had to do was to send money to cover taxes and they would be awarded.

This scheme is nothing new to the United States or even to Putnam County.

This time around, Town Marshal Rodney Fenwick said there were no people taken advantage of.

"For the most part, people around here were smart enough to realize it was a scam or were in contact with the right people who told them to contact us," Fenwick said.

Fenwick also advised people that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also, don't ever let people tell you to get money out or give our personal information such as bank account or social security numbers.

One person was apparently even threatened in this most recent scam. The person was told they must comply and the person said they lived down the street. However, when the numbers were traced, it turned out that the calls are coming from outside of the country.

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