Letter to the Editor

Blame goes beyond president

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To the Editor:

What happened to the American dream? The confidence level of the American people in the president and the Congress is at an all time low.

If the judiciary were so rated, it would surely be at a similar low as, unopposed by impeachment, many of them continue to make law from the bench in accordance with their private prejudices.

All branches of government have exercised power to override what is in the economic, political and moral interests of our people.

Politically, our presidents for twenty years have been working hard to bring us into the New World Order where we can be one of some 200 members of the United Nations with no vote and with UN power to tax our people and, perhaps, with our military under their authority, as was proposed by President Kennedy's administration.

Finally, the American Empire resulting from untold billions in foreign aid to third world dictators and military aid commitments with most of the governments of the world ensures that we could be involved in future hostilities throughout the world.

Finally, in our 85 percent Christian nations, corrupt judges find with the Anti-Christian Litigation Union in all manner of cases to remove any mention of God in our schools and public forum based on the untrue proposition that the Constitution forbids it or that some atheists may be offended. The fact the 85 percent of our people are otherwise offended seems to make no difference to Congressmen, whose constitutional duty requires that they impeach bad judges.

Dr. Frank W. Thompson

Greenwood, IN