Letter to the Editor

Cemetery caretakers should be more careful

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To the Editor:

I spent some time in the Cloverdale Cemetery Sunday and am appalled at its condition.

It appears lawn care is only done with a riding lawnmower. In the "old" part, which is the southeast end, there are many stones that appear to have been knocked partially or completely off their base.

My great-grandmother's stone has a chip knocked off; the chip was lying on the stone, which gives the appearance the damage was recent. All the damage I saw appeared to be done by someone riding a mower as fast as they could so they could get paid and move on.

This person appears to have no respect for who they are paid to care for -- the dead. Nowhere did there appear a "weed eater" was used to preserve the stones.

The "roads" through this area are also in sad shape. There is grass growing across them as well as on the edges. If these conditions continue only a motorcycle will be able to pass through.

I didn't inspect the areas in the west end, the area where the recent dead are buried, to see if the neglect is there as well.

People spend a lot of money on plots thinking their final resting place will be well attended. Someone is paid to care for these peoples' property and to respect their past lives.

There is a sign warning vandals will be prosecuted, but what about the caretakers that are doing the damage?

If these conditions continue I may be forced to ask my family to reconsider having my final resting place in the same area that my ancestors are.

Terri Grayson