Town crawling with wildlife seeks solutions

Thursday, July 10, 2008

BAINBRIDGE -- Stinky issues were the order at Wednesday night's meeting of the Bainbridge Town Council where Naomi Barker and Bonnie Osborn talked about the ongoing cat problem which has been compounded by the addition of skunks in town.

"There were three skunks in my yard last night, a mother and two little ones. They were as cute as they could be but I sat in my car until they went by," laughed Barker.

Osborn agreed that skunks were making an appearance in town.

Town Clerk Jason Hartman reminded the board that live traps are available for people to use to trap skunks and raccoons.

"They can get them here (at the Community Building). We have a guy who is certified by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) who will take the animals once they are trapped and release them in another location," added Hartman.

"Anybody who needs the traps can pick them up anytime," he added.

Meanwhile, the board tabled any action on nuisance properties and planned a special executive session to interview candidates for a position they have created for the town.

"I'd like to stop taking applications now and start looking at the ones we have and setting up interviews," said Osborn.

The council plans on setting up a session as soon as Board President Richard Cope returns to town next week.

In other business, the council appointed Chris Brewer to the Park Board and announced Troy Ellis was hired as a new park employee.

Town Marshal Rodney Fenwick reported 17 citations were given out last month as well as 39 traffic stops made.

The Bainbridge Police Department made 32 welfare checks. These are generally calls asking the department to check on someone explained Fenwick

"We might get a call from a family member asking us to check on their grandmother or other family member. They aren't unusual calls," he added.

The department also responded to five traffic accidents with property damage and handed out five curfew violations.

The Bainbridge Town Council meets at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at the Community Building

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