Letter to the Editor

Banner Graphic readers support lifting gun ban

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Banner Graphic recently asked readers whether they agreed with the Supreme Court's lifting the weapons ban.

A total of 346 people responded. Of those, 266, or 76.9 percent said yes, they agree with the courts.

The remaining 80 peopler, or 23.1 percent said no, they disagree.

Here are some of your comments left at the end of the poll at bannergraphic.com:

* A gun has never killed a person. People with no morals or respect for gods creations do.I also think the Hunting safety course should be mandatory in all schools even for non-hunters. A study was done years ago and found kids that were brought up with the training and raized around guns in the correct manner had the respect for human life and were a very low percentage of crime statistics.

* It is your right to own a gun .

* The first sane decision they've made.

* The Right of the People to bear Arms is guaranteed by the 2nd amendment whether people like it or not.

* There is a reason it is the 'second' amendment. Second only to the importance of 1st, freedom of speech (which with the invention of political correctness, we do not have).

* It is the right to keep and bear arms, not the privilege to keep and bear arms. If a permit is applied for, that right is becoming a privilege, and you are surrendering that right away.