Eagles down Warriors

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The South Putnam volleyball team swept Danville Thursday night, 25-14, 25-13, 25-9.

"The girls really came out tonight and played well consistently throughout the entire match," said South Putnam coach Jill Newton. "Our communication was great and it never let up."

Brooke Boetjer was dominant at the net, leading the team with 12 kills and 10 blocks. Katelyn Sibbitt led the defense with 14 digs.

"Brooke Boetjer had one of her best games of the year. Katelyn Sibbitt also did a really nice job digging up balls on the back row," Newton said.

Oceaia Boetjer led the service game with 23 points and three aces. Kaileigh Miller led the way with nine assists.

"I felt like the win tonight was a total team effort and everyone did their part to get the job done," Newton said. "I'm proud of the way the girls played and hopefully this win will give us the confidence we need to continue to play consistent."

South Putnam is in action at 9 a.m. today at Riverton Parke.

At South Putnam

Danville 14 13 9

South Putnam 25 25 25

Points -- O. Boetjer 23, Miller 10, Sibbitt 6, Trauner 6 Wombles 4, Goss 4, Egold 2.

Aces -- O. Boetjer 3, Miller 2, Sibbitt 1.

Kills -- B. Boetjer 10, O. Boetjer 5, Trauner 4, Dabkowski 3.

Assists -- Miller 9, Dabkowski 8, O. Boetjer 1.

Blocks -- B. Boetjer 10, Wombles 6.

Digs -- Sibbitt 14, Trauner 12, O. Boetjer 6, Goss 4, Egold 2, Miller 1.

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