Board moves apartment complex ahead

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A group of exceptions to the city's zoning ordinance that would make it possible for a new apartment complex to be built in Greencastle were approved by city officials Tuesday night.

Members of the Board of Zoning Appeals voted to allow a multi-family dwelling to be constructed in a single-family district located between Martinsville and South streets on Greencastle's south side.

Officials with Milestone Ventures Inc., of Indianapolis, want to purchase the land in order to build a two-story, 31-unit apartment complex that would cater to low rents.

The project was presented to the board last Tuesday night, however, there were not enough member present for a meeting to be held.

Last night, the board voted to approve four requests by the developer:

* special exception use variance for multi-family housing in a single-family dwelling district 2

* development standards variance for minimum living area per unit in SD2

* development standards variance for minimum ground floor area in SD2

* development standards variance for maximum primary structures per lot in SD2.

One of the owners of Milestone, Charles Heintzelmann, said the company will construct 31 units in the first phase and possibly an additional 31 in a second phase.

On Tuesday, he said he plans to request financing for the first phase in January of 2009, followed by receipt of those monies in June and construction possibly in the fall of 2009 or spring of 2010.

The second phase, if it is needed, will not be completed until possibly 2013 or 14, according to Heintzelmann.

One concern discussed Tuesday night was traffic on South Street. Residents of the area say traffic is already heavy, at times, in that area and there are children who walk to school. The street is narrow and there are no sidewalks.

City officials say South Street is on their list of projects for which they hope to receive grants. Mayor Sue Murray said the plan is to extend South Street west to meet up with U.S. 231. The entire project is estimated at $5.4 million, she said.

So far, the city has just $1.8 million set aside after transferring money that had been earmarked for Indianapolis Road to the South Street project.

City planner said the reason for moving the funds to South Street is that the Indianapolis Road project is "no longer viable."

Meanwhile, monthly rents for the new apartment units would range from $220 to $515 per month for a one-bedroom and $300 to $665 for a three-bedroom.

Heintzelmann told the board that his company has an option to buy the property and has not purchased it.

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